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The Insight - Interview

Interview with: Gaets
Conducted by: T.V.

French trio The Insight were back last year after eight years with their third album entitled White Noise. The album is a true musical adventure that takes the listener back in time, into the suburbs of Liverpool or Manchester. The band is mostly influenced by the likes as The Cure or Joy Division, but still they create something unique inside the post-punk revival scene. Two brothers, vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Gaets and drummer Steevo went through some troubled times in their more than sixteen years long career, mostly connected with finding the appropriate line-up. They released their debut album, Into The Fall, in 2000 and their second one, Hidden Things, in 2007. In 2013, they are joined by a passionate bassist Dulac, pursuing a solo career in parallel. There were many problems following the release of their third album, White Noise, initially intended to be released by Crysella Records, but after some disagreements and when the label wanished into the void they decided to release the album on their own, yet with some help from two other labels, Swiss Dark Nights and Manic Depression Records. White Noise also won Terra Relicta' Dark Music Awards 2015, thanks to The Insight's devoted and loyal fan base. Bands mastermind Gaets explained many things regarding the new album and several other things that can be found in the interview below.

T.V.: First of all congratulations for winning the Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2015! I was really surprised that your album White Noise won. Tell me how do you feel about that and what does the title "best dark music album" of the year 2015 means to you?
Gaets: We were surprised to and we are very proud that our album White Noise won this award. It has been a lot of work in making and realising it. Karo our manager has done an excellent work in promoting this album. Winning Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2015 really pays off for all the hard work done for this album. We would like to thank all the people who voted for us.
T.V.: After all the troubles you had with the release of this album I think that you deserve it. Now, please tell me, have you solved all the legalities with your ex-label Crysella Records?
Gaets: Judging by the way that they basically completely disappeared from the world now, I'd say our legalities are indeed solved.
T.V.: I think it would be good if you explain with what kind of problems have you dealt with. I think it can be a fine warning for some bands who sign contracts without any deeper consideration.
Gaets: When we have signed with Crysella Records all seemed really good. The promotion started well and the album was due to be released officially in April 2015. Just a few days before the release date, we received our own free copies and discovered it was made on a bad quality CDr, what was not expected at all as it was due to be distributed worldwide on big stores. We have refused those copies and directly contacted the label to stop all sales of this CDr. But very quickly the communication became very difficult with the label and the owner didn't give us any good answer. Finally, we decided to break the contract, what took a few more weeks. After that, free again, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to release it by our own.
T.V.: But still you got some help from some labels and promoters. Are you now finally satisfied with how the things turned out?
Gaets: First of all we would thank you Tomaz, in giving us Valerio's contact (Swiss Dark Nights). First, it has helped us in releasing the CD. Then Karo worked hard, with the help of Jl from Manic Depression Records, for the release of the 2LP which was a dream coming true for me.
T.V.: So, will The Insight now sign a new record deal or will you remain on your own, after such experience?
Gaets: At this time, we are still unsigned. We are very happy that White Noise was released with the help of two great labels. But if we had to sign a record deal with a label, this one must be very professional.
T.V.: Can you tell me some details about the album,... Where's the main difference between this album and your previous works?
Gaets: White Noise is the album of maturity. With the excellent work of Ivan Muñoz aka vigilante in mixing and masterising our album, White Noise is more punchy and perhaps more complex. I think you need more than one listen to understand all the subtleties created in all of the songs by the instruments composition.
T.V.: That's true! The title White Noise must stand behind something significant. Please explain what's the title all about and about what kind of matters are you dealing in lyrics?
Gaets: White Noise was choosen because it has two meanings for me. As the lyrics talk about death, spirits, lost love and souls, I think that the white noise is what some of the lost souls leave behind them... something you can catch on a tape or see on your old television, messages from the other side. The world of spirits and ghosts. Some of the songs from white noise are hypnotic, which are characteristics of the "white noise", that can drive people into a state of drowsiness. Because of that the title White Noise just seemed like a natural choice for the album.

T.V.: Interesting, really. But have you ever had any personal experiences with such paranormal things?
Gaets: One night, the face of an old man appeared to me as I felt asleep in the living room in my first appartment in Rennes. I still don't know if it was a dream or something real.
T.V.: There's no secret that your main influence are British 80s post-punk bands. Can you specify a bit more where you get the main inspiration and who are the bands that influenced The Insight the most?
Gaets: I spent a lot of time listening to bands like Joy Division and The Cure when I was younger. They inspired me to write my own songs. The first ones were also inspired by these old bands. Now, with a lot of works and questioning, The Insight found its own style. About the inspiration, some are about what happened in my life, others are about talking of my fears.
T.V.: Your previous album, Hidden Things, was released more than eight years ago! What was going on with The Insight in all this time that it took you soo long to release White Noise?
Gaets: We had done a lot of gigs. And we took quite a long time in making this third album because we recorded a lot of tracks during this period. About 30 songs were ready. The line-up has changed and it was very difficult to find musicians who still have faith in music. At least, we wanted to release it in the best conditions.
T.V.: Tell me, who's responsible for compositions and who stands behind the lyrics of The Insight?
Gaets: It usually starts with an idea I've got in my mind. If it's good, we start working on it in our home studio. For me, it's very important that the lyrics fit well with our music. So it takes me a lot of time to write them. I won't be abble to sing or play music in which I don't believe.
T.V.: You released one video clip for the track "Give Me A Chance". How it was shooting the video as it's quite professionally done. Can we expect a video clip for any of other songs?
Gaets: I was in contact with a famous director who made some dark short cuts. I meet him at a festival here in Rennes. But we didn't have any budget to make it. So I decided to do it on my own. This video is 100% DIY done with my phone. I really wanted that this video is close to the atmosphere of the whole album. I got some ideas for a new video but I need to find some time to release it.
T.V.: "Give Me A Chance" is one of my favorite songs on the album and I wonder which is your favorite and why?
Gaets: This question is not very easy at all. Each song from White Noise has his own personality so it's very difficult for me to choose. I can't really say, sorry.
T.V: Ok, I understand you. How would you describe your live shows?
Gaets: As our music is quite emotional, we try to stay true to this on stage. We put a lot of energy and emotion for every gig we do, and we do it as if it was the last one. We work a lot on the visuals with our own lightshow. I love programming the lightshows. If I hadn't had the gift of music making, I think I probably would have worked as a lightshow designer.
T.V.: Any gigs and festival appearances planned for the near future?
Gaets: Damian Gibbs from Deadfall management and Pietr from Dark Independant Booking are working hard on a tour for us. We hope to be back soon on the road with other great bands.
T.V.: I think you are in good hands and I hope to see you playing live someday. Have you already started working on a new album and when can we expect your next release?
Gaets: Yes, we just finished recording some new demos, but for now we are not planning any new release because our last album White Noise is quite young. But things can happen when nobody expect it.
T.V.: I hope it won't take you another eight years, haha. Tell me, who's Gaets in private life?
Gaets: It won't, believe me. I am quite a normal and honest guy. I believe in some things and I'd fight for them. I try to do all the things in the best way I can.
T.V.: Ok Gaets, thank you very much for your time and answers. The famous last words are yours...
Gaets: I would like to thank everyone for the help done for the release of our album White Noise. The most important thing I would like to ask is to support independent music by buying music and going to see bands on gigs. The music world has changed a lot and years after years venues and labels has disappeared. Today's music industry is filled with mediocre artists that keeps being promoted by YouTube or streaming platforms. Hopefully there are still some people who still have faith in music and take risks for it.

The Insight links: Official website, Facebook, Bandcamp