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La Scaltra - Interview

Interview with: Aeleth Kaven and Dae Widow
Conducted by: Miguel

One of the most significant newcomers in goth rock scene is of course German act La Scaltra. They label themselves as a "gloomy rock" band and they quite nailed it with this description. Vocalist and composer Aeleth Kaven, together with vocalist Dae Widow, decided to do La Scaltra with gloomy sounds and fairylike voices combined with a gothrocky verve that wakes the witches. They recount the search for a particular place where injured souls find succour, tranquillity and where they can settle down. A place protected by darkness in which one can be anything one wishes to be and do as one pleases, indulging in one’s hidden fantasies. And they discovered that darkness is not necessarily to be feared but can be in fact most extraordinarily beautiful indeed. In May this year La Scaltra released their debut EP named Ghosts through renowned German label Solar Lodge, and later in August they made available as a digital self-release the album named Cabaret. No fakes, no shows for the masses - authentic, pure artists, sheer creators of madness and sound without cheap attitudes and allures. No wannabes, no wankers. That is La Scaltra's way of thinking if we can say so. Miguel did a short but interesting enough interview with both, Aeleth Kaven and Dae Widow, and you are invited to give it a read.

Miguel: Who is La Scaltra? How did it all started?
Aeleth Kaven:
Thanks for your interest in La Scaltra. La Scaltra is a gloomy rock band from Germany. Members are Aeleth Kaven (vocals, composing, bass), Dae Widow (vocals, synths) and Jay Sharpe (guitar, technics, mastering).
Dae Widow: The idea to combine our vocals came at the beach of Portugal in fall 2014. We were singing together in the sun and suddenly we had this flash... One year later in 2015 we realized it by singing our first songs together.
Miguel: What are your main influences?
Aeleth Kaven: Beneath being influenced by the universe, my whole life is influenced by metal and goth music. I could never imagine something else being so damn huge in my life. Peter Steele of Type O Negative has influenced me as a singer and bassist since my youth, Morticia Addams influenced me with her looks and morbidity and my grandma influenced my cooking skills. They are fine, by the way.... yet nobody died.
Dae Widow: I am influenced by my two brothers (both of them are making music too) and The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux and of course some Japanese bands. I grew up with goth music and later the Asian mysticism and style became a huge part of my life.
Miguel: So you consider La Scaltra as a gloomy rock band?
Aeleth Kaven: Eerie, witchy and soothing.
Dae Widow: Creepy, dark and full of mystery.
Miguel: Please define La Scaltra in only one word...
Aeleth Kaven: Healing.
Dae Widow: Seduction.
Miguel: Have you had many lineup changes?
Aeleth Kaven: We had one line-up change in this first year with our bassist.
Dae Widow: We are still friends, no one got killed.....
Aeleth Kaven: We ate him.... End of Story.

Miguel: Tell me more about the music scene in Germany and in your home town Essen/Oberhausen.
Dae Widow: I guess it's the same as in all other countries. A lot of good bands but the gothic scene is a part of itself. Most of the people wonder why there are not more festivals or concerts, but if there will be one, just a few really plan to come. Others decide it spontaneous. Reasons are the ticket prices or the location (too far, too small etc.). It's a hard business for the organizers, the bands and of course for the fans too. Times have changed...
Aeleth Kaven: We have a “gothic scene” in Essen/Oberhausen, but it is not the same as it was 20 - 30 years ago. The Internet and the whole media stuff make it hard for organizers and bands to survive, like Dae said. What I find very impressive, the “old Ones” still go to the goth parties as they did many years ago, when there was the “Zwischenfall” in Bochum for example.
Miguel: Plans for the future? When comes a new album?
Dae Widow: Our plans for the future are keep playing music and touching the heart of our fans. We work already on a new album and if all goes well it will be released in spring 2017. Aeleth is a great composer and what I heard until now from her ideas is really awesome. Her inspiration and ideas have no borders and the lyrics she wrote are full of deep meaning.
Aeleth Kaven: Thank you! Do I have to pay you for saying that?!
Miguel: What are your biggest dreams? And your biggest heroes?
Aeleth Kaven: My biggest dream? Driving around in a 1969 Dodge Charger or 1971 Chevy Nova SS in the USA, hunting Tumbleweeds! Tumbleweeds are fun! My biggest hero is anyone who survives in this fucked up world without killing someone.
Dae Widow: My biggest dream is to play one day in Japan and to be able to share the stage with one of my favorite bands. Biggest heroes? Hmmm... First of all my father.
Miguel: Time to leave a last word to our readers and to your fans.
Dae Widow: Thanks to all the amazing people who support us. You guys are the real stars. We will keep going our way.
Aeleth Kaven: Always walk with open eyes and an open mind. If eyes are not open – don't walk. A bus might run over you.... Always keep your (black) humor! Take care!

La Scaltra links: Official website, Facebook, Bandcamp