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Aeon Sable - Interview #5

Interview with: Nino Sable
Conducted by: T.V.

Aeon Sable is back and they will release their highly anticipated sixth album (if we count here also the mini album Aequinoctium from 2013) entitled Aether. The German band from the city Essen formed in 2010 and is now one of the driving forces of new era of dark rock/metal bands and with their unique approach towards the dark sound, by blending elements of gothic rock, doom metal, atmospheric rock, post-metal, psychedelic rock, dark pop, electronic, drone and yet much more, Aeon Sable conqured the hearts of all those who embrace deep, dark and highly emotional music, not only with their albums, but also because of excelent live performances on many big festivals and concerts around Europe. They are masters in what they are doing, there's no doubt about that and of course we all expect a lot from their upcoming album Aether. It'll be difficult for them to surpass the previous album, the stunning Hypaerion, and before that the magnificient Visionaers, but I believe that two years in the making, Aether, will go even further into the direction outlined in 2016. Aeon Sable will soon present us the first single and video from the upcoming album, but before that, I had to ask the charismatic frontman Nino about some things regarding Aether... But keep following us, because soon there will be more about the mystical beast called Aeon Sable right here on our pages. Now we unveil for you the front cover artwork for Aether! The psychonauts have waited long enough for the dark star to shine... and who would believe that when they released their debut Per Aspera Ad Astra in 2010, that such a grandiose band would rise out of that...

T.V.: Hi Nino! How are you and are there any updates about the new Aeon Sable album that we are all waiting for?
: Heya Tomaz. Yes. The future is now and Aeon Sable is to come around with another full album on 5th November. Aether, the new album contains 7 (+1) brand new tracks and has a total play time of more then one hour.

T.V.: As you said the album will be released in November, but I wonder what was the reason that it took you "so long" for this one. Before this one you released every year a new album?
Nino: Well. Sometimes creativity flows faster, sometimes slower. We had to deal with a lot of other (private) issues lately, so time became a precious and rare component in our life. But, nevertheless we found a way to create a new album transforming the essence (Aether) of our creativity into auditive art.

T.V.: The album will be titled Aether. Tell me more about the title of the new album?
Nino: Well, as always... there is something behind it but, this is not the first time I tell you that I will not explain everything. You know my point of view. We create art and art is a transformation of thoughts and ideas, of what we learned and what we are into something others can swim in. If I would explain its structure, I would destroy our art... But I don’t want to disappoint you. Let’s say that Aether can be interpreted as the root of Aeon Sable’s creativity. Aether is the essence of our Art.

T.V.: I don't know, but somehow, I can sense that there is a lyrical concept behind it, or is this just my imagination?
Nino: Aether is what describes best the whole process of creation and artistic incorporation we walked through in the last months and years concerning Aeon Sable. This album is based on the essence of what we are, what we believe in and how we see our art.

T.V.: Are you following soundwise on Aether what you've already achieved on your previous album, Hypaerion (2016), or will there be new things in this regard?
Nino: Aether is more Aeon Sable then every album we did before, and it is, yes, following strictly the path we started with Hypaerion. You will notice that this album is so much “more” and “pure” in all imaginary ways.

T.V.: I also noticed that since the mini-album Aequinoctium, released in 2013, the album titles are just of one word. Is this a coincidence or is there a whole story behind this?
Nino: No, no story. Just a coincidence.

T.V.: So, what can you tell me about the compositional and recording process? Did you take the same approach as always or were there some changes? Did you use the same studio, the same tools,...?
Nino: Mostly we worked with exactly the same tools as we did on the last six albums before. We bought some new gear for guitars but nothing extraordinary. Meanwhile our Mac is becoming overloaded and we definitely have to buy a newer one and update our system in order to keep on working. That’s something happening very soon. We had a lot of errors during this production and we felt like we were fighting against the machine a lot of times.

T.V.: Are you staying loyal to Solar Lodge and how are you satisfied with their job? I see that you are playing later this year on the Solar Lodge Convention in Bochum, together with Merciful Nuns, Your Life On Hold and La Scaltra...
Nino: Oh yes, Solar Lodge likes what we do and supports us where they can. It will be a great honor to play together with Merciful Nuns, La Scaltra and Your Life On Hold in Bochum on 10th November. It would be a great pleasure to meet you there. This will be a great and mystical happening.

T.V.: After six albums don't you think that it'll finally be the time for Aeon Sable to embark on a proper tour around Europe or even overseas?
Nino: Yes, a tour would be a great idea, but this is definitely something out of the reach for now.
T.V.: A lot of bands take the option “pay to play” to go on tour with bigger bands. I guess that this is not an option for Aeon Sable. I wonder what do you think about this, I think it’s crazy that bands have to pay for playing live, but yet everybody has his own opinion…
Nino: Well, we never had a request like that, so I can’t say anything about it. Certainly, if you have a big and well known band sharing a stage with you, you may have the chance to win new fans but… yeah it’s not the "Rock’n’Roll way“… Bands have to decide on their own what they think is the right one for them.

T.V.: Back to the upcoming album. When can we expect the first single or maybe a video to be revealed?
Nino: Soon! Very soon! Maybe tomorrow. We will post all updates on our Facebook page.

T.V.: Have you already made the artwork for the album? Will it be in white like the previous one?
Nino: Yes, everything is ready so far. And yes, it will be white again. The voyage continues.

T.V.: I think that I’m not the only one who noticed that Aeon Sable is sounding from album to album more metal, more dark, doomy and atmospheric. Some people even named your music as "post-goth-doom“... What do you think about this categorization and can we expect even more of it on Aether?
Nino: Aether can be considered as a natural development to what needs to happen after the beast we released with Hypaerion. There is a lot of doom and a lot of gothic and a lot of even harder sounds in Aether and… the feeling of an unmistakable fresh Aeon Sable output.

T.V.: Before we end can you reveal us some other things about the highly anticipated Aether?
Nino: Oh yes. This album is a massive rock! I know it is difficult to take the time to listen and sink into music nowadays but, I highly recommend doing so and I am pretty sure that this release will guide you to a lot of dark and yet unknown places right inside of yourself. Beside of this album turning you into a psychonaut, I would also like to mention that we worked with some Portuguese artists this time. Soon we will release a new video made in Porto by Guilherme Henriques and the new album will also contain a Portuguese track called “O Senhor Do Medo” (the lord of fear). In any way, Aether is a very complex work and the best we did so far. We are very satisfied with the final result.

T.V.: Thank you for answering these questions and for revealing some things about the new album. Any last words?
Nino: Dear Tomaz, please keep up the good work and thank you very much for supporting the underground. There is so much more glittering in the dark that needs to be uncovered by people like you and your readers. For all our people out there - we would love to invite you to come to our shows and enjoy some absolutely magical moments with us.

Aeon Sable links: Official website, Facebook, Bandcamp

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