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Saccage - Interview

Interview with:  Dan Mécréant
Conducted by: Will Ring

Saccage is a crust/death/black/thrash band from Quebec Canada. Over the bands 11 years, they have released two full length studio albums along with a handful of splits, EPs and demos. Saccage is considered as one of the Quebec's most hardworking bands, in in just few years they went from nobodies to local heroes, mostly because of their destructive, extreme and over the top live performances! Musically the band could be placed somewhere between Motorhead, Darkthrone, Discharge and Toxic Holocaust. Their last album, Récidive, was released in June 2017. I spoke with singer Dan Mécréant about touring, their unique sound and new Saccage music.

Will: What was the first song you ever learned to play?
: First song we ever wrote was called "Saccage Nocturne". Its french for "night pillage" in english. It became the name of the band, but we just finish by calling the band Saccage instead.

Will: My favorite thing about Saccage is that there's such a strong presence of extreme metal mixed throughout the crust sound. It's like listening to Extreme Noise Terror, Marduk and Venom all at once and it really makes the band stand out. Is this by design or unintentional?
Dan: Yes, it's what we want to create. We like blast beats, extreme music and old school metal and punk. We like it nasty, savage and also kind of catchy. We are not into those modern ultra technical metal music.

Will: What's your preferred way of killing time on the road?
Dan: We mostly listen to music and drink beer. Sleep when we can. Its always fun to travel with the boys.

Will: The band has released something almost every year since it formed. Is there any hope for something to come out before the end of this year?
Dan: In 2018 we mostly tour for the promo of our last record Récidive, did something like 17 shows on all the east coast of Canada and our first show on US soil. We will release a new record in 2019 around the end of the summer. No name yet but it will be something like 10 new songs and a song cover (something we never did before). We are really excited about this new release, a step up for us I think.

Will: What do you find is the hardest part of being in a band?
Dan: Time is the enemy.

Will: Who's your grind band of choice?
Dan: Hard question. Would say something like Exhumed or Rotten Sound but there are too many killer bands.

Will: What's one band you wish you could tour with but will probably never get the chance?
Dan: The band Ghoul from the US seem to be a cool touring band to party and play with. They have a lot of influence from old school death grind to crossover thrash. I think a Ghoul & Saccage tour would fit like a glove.

Will: What do you think the future of music will be?
Dan: Music is eternal. The music industry is dead. Long live music! Hail!

Saccage links: Facebook, Bandcamp