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Devil-M - Revenge Of The Antichrist (2014) - Song by song

Devil-M certainly holds something incredibly devilish in their music. A German quartet, which was started in 2009, won’t let your mind and ears at ease with Revenge Of The Antichrist (you can read the review HERE), because with this very album you will find yourself trapped in a world of delusion, insanity and  pain, going on with a maximum speed. Revenge Of The Antichrist is a concept album, which is telling a story not only with lyrics, but with music. Industrial rock that features elements of electro punk, EBM and even death metal creates a heavily damaged and ill-minded atmosphere. Max Mayer, the band’s founding member and the creative force behind Devil-M’s music revealed the story about each and every song. 

By: Max Meyer
Edited by: Ines

Release date: 25 August 2014
Label: Meth Media/Dark Dimensions

01. Rising a) Unholy b) Siddhartha Gautama
02. Astharat
03. Apokrypha
04. Scrabbled Angel
05. Rebirth
06. From Birth To Death
07. Good Way Of Dying
08. Revenge Of The Antichrist Pt. 1
09. Revenge Of The Antichrist Pt. 2
10. Love Is Not Available
11. Garden Of Eden
12. I Am God
13. Harmful Scab
14. Apokrypha (Centhron Remix)
15. Siddhartha Gautama (Blackest Light Remix)
16. Rebirth (Grausame Töchter Remix)

1. Rising a) Unholy b) Siddhartha Gautama)

We wrote this track back in June 2011, right after the release of our self-released Album Kannst Du Sterben. Our drummer, Julian, was jamming on the synths during our rehearsal, when this melody came up. We continued jamming on it, until we got a really cool intro for our next release. The whole track is split into two parts; first the intro and second the song itself - Siddhartha Gautama. I chose this title, because of the person Siddhartha. It was told he was destined at birth to lead the life of a prince. He is also the primary figure of Buddhism and account of his life, discourses and monastic rules are believed by Buddhists to have been summarized after his death and memorized by his followers. There are a lot parallels to our concept-character Astharat. The lyrics describe the rising of something big continuing not finished yet.

2. Apokrypha

This is the last song we wrote. I felt that something is missing between the beginning of the concept and the main part. So I chose writing a song that describes someone suppressing in a religious way. The line "I got my Koran on my side - it's an Apokrypha - we are born to hide" reflects parallels of, at least not a few, apocrypha between evangelism and the Islam.

3. Astharat

The album has its own order on some tracks you can put together to have the heart of the matter. This is one of those tracks. The others are in correct order "Harmful Scab", "Astharat", "From Birth to Death", "Good Way Of Dying", "Revenge Part 2" and "I Am God". The song itself tells you about Astharat growing up more and more to a beast.

4. Scabbed Angel

The oldest track, written in 2008. It was meant to be the movie-score of the Independent-movie Die at Dawn. It's also one of my favourite tracks. Astharat transforms into a scary monster.

5. Rebirth

Probably the rushing song. The lyrics are about suicide attacks because of religious reasons. It doesn't matter if you believe in Allah, Buddha or any other god; but how can you tell me that murdering people will bring you to heaven? Lines like "socially-awkward-awards are obtained" "never fight, never fuck, never stand up - but get up for violence?" describe it very much to me.

6. From Birth To Death

I always wanted to write a song that is pure chaos. Here you go: chaos at its best. Astharat can't control his own power, he's in rage, and he wants to destroy everything around him.

7. Good Way Of Dying

Also written in 2008. On "From Birth to Death" Astharat expended his energy, waking up in an unknown place. He can't remember what's going on, just a few fragments telling him he's the all-new prophet, butcher and judge at the same time. One of the deepest and darkest songs I ever wrote.

8. Revenge Of The Antichrist Part 1

This is the main track of the album and also the peak of the concept. Pure chaos, hate, anger and rage come up when you hear it. The song is the only track of the album that comes up with edited vocals to symbolize the unique beside all other songs.

9. Revenge Of The Antichrist Part 2

You can see this track like a fight with your own personality. The song becomes more and more aggressive until the cut at the ending. Someone dies.

10. Love Is Not Available

This is another song written in 2008. The album was set to release around June 2008, that's why we have some older tracks. "Love Is Not Available" seemed revue the previous concept. With this song we come to the third and last chapter of the concept.

11. Garden Of Eden

I wrote this song together with our drummer after writing "Rising". He came up with the piano and asked for some industrial-noise-samples. It's a really dark song, Asharat dies in the first part of it and it all ends in a heaven-like atmosphere with angels singing. When I die, I really hope to listen to "Garden Of Eden".

12. I Am God

Originally written by Daniel Laufer in 2008. I asked him to cover this track and ended up in creating a completely new song, as the original version didn't have vocals or something like a typical song structure. When a film is over and you see the credits, this is the situation in which you hear Sonja’s voice singing this song.

13. Harmful Scab

I decided to write a song that seems as a start a new chapter but on this album it serves as an outro. We use "Harmful Scab" as the intro for our live-gigs. We will continue with the concept and "Harmful Scab" will be the first track.

Devil-M links: Official website, Facebook, Bandcamp