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Powerotik - Violent Murders (2014) - Song by song


A young and bright star is starting to shine more and more on the sky of industrial metal and that star is named Powerotik. This one-man-band from Costa Rica released its second full length album this year and its title – Violent Murders (you can read out review HERE) – already tells you, you are in for something dark and twisted. Swaying from goth rock inspired moments to almost thrash metal and grunge sound, Violent Murders will take you on a trip around the world, full of anxiety, pain, destruction and even hatred on one hand and sweet emotions, love as well as sexual fetishism and perversion on the other. And just as the lyrics are quite unconventional and imaginative, the music which accompanies them is the real storyteller: veiled in obscurity; devilish, ravishing and intense. You feel intrigued? Darien Castillo, the core and creative force of Powerotik presents you of what the songs on Violent Murders are telling you about.

By: Darien Castillo
Edited by: Ines

Release date: 16 May 2014
Label: Self-released

01. The Man
02. Violent Murders
03. Until the End
04. Sensation
05. Sacrifices
06. Down
07. It's Not the Place to Be
08. Little Whore
09. Goddess
10. I Hope You're Fine


1. The Man

This song is an intro song with environmental strings, percussion and many sounds. I put these different sounds together in order to create a certain destructive and apocalyptic ambient. I found inspiration in human self-destruction for this song.

2. Violent Murders

This particular song has a very heavy sound with electronic elements. The lyrics speak about people, which have become victims of a corrupt government. 

3. Until The End

In this song I am telling a story of battling for life with a fucking serial killer. Obviously it is a fictional story created in my mind and represents the sexual, perverted desires that everyone holds in their mind.

4. Sensation

This is a sweet song with an erotic feeling. The lyrics speak about having wet dreams about someone, whom you want so much and really feel the connection between love and sexual desire. The beat on this song is slow with a clean guitar and in the chorus I added distorted guitars and combined them with more electronic sounds.

5. Sacrifices

Musically I wanted to present a theme, which combines war samplers and a static melody which develops throughout the song. Lyrics tell about the power and destruction of massive wars and human sacrifices all over the world, with the intention of obtaining power. 

6. Down

This song contains hard riffs, electronic beats and more rhythms. The lyric are very explicit; talking about fetishism, sex and other occult topics.

7. It's Not The Place To Be

There are many people that don't have anything - absolutely no opportunities in the country they live in and I can easily identify with this lyric. It also tells about the liars, who are covering up of what is going on in some countries - such as in the case of my fucking country.

8. Little Whore

This song speaks about that feeling in bed, when a couple has the need to offend one another by using profane words feel the pleasure. The song starts with sweet drums with a loop and a distorted sound in the background and then it develops harder along the song.

9. Goddess

This track combines different sounds and rhythms. The lyrics speak about beautiful women and their temptation.

10. I Hope You're Fine

It's a dedication to a loved one, who is not here right now. The story of this song is at the same time painful and positive. I went with slow rhythm and clean guitars on this song, with the addition of synth sound.

Powerotik links: Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud