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Neurotech - Decipher Vol.2 [EP] (2012) - Song by song

Neurotech - Decipher Vol.2 [EP] (2012) (Song By Song)
Conducted by: T.V.
With: Wulf  

Release date: 30 September 2012

01. Let The Healing Begin
02. The Race To Recovery
03. A Clouded Mind
04. Is The Sunrise Coming
05. Unconditional
06. This Is The New Age
07. A Separate Way

One of the most prominent bands coming from Slovenia must be Neurotech and their interesting collision of atmospheric music, cyber metal and futuristic pop is one of the most intriguing on the market right now. Neurotechs second highly anticipated instalment of their series of EP's Decipher is out on 30 September 2012 as "name your price" download from their Bandcamp page. This release will also feature for the first time in the Neurotechs history female guest vocalist Tanja Ravljen. Neurotech mastermind Wulf gave us an exclusive "song by song" insight into the tracks featured on this release.

1. Let The Healing Begin

The story about the opener of Decipher vol. 2 is that I was just merely falling asleep in the early morning hours, because I work mainly during the night, and I just heard the opening lines - "Let The Healing Begin" and its melody. So I just recorded that part and structured the song based around that sentence. And I thought it would be a great opening for the general theme of Decipher Vol. 2

2. The Race To Recovery

I have a thing for atmospheric dance music, so one day I wrote something which turned out to be the chorus to "The Race To Recovery". The chorus made this song because I am big fan of Enya and I really like those multitracked vocal harmonies which blends together into something which to me is insanely catchy and feels like it is out of this world. It really has an Eurodance feel to it, but in a way which I find it very enjoyable - very big & atmospheric.

3. A Clouded Mind

The root of this song actually goes back to the Transhuman era. I had this song written for a couple of years, but it didn't somehow fit on other Neurotech releases. I really liked the harmonies of it but the song was not structured very well, so I took the basic idea of it and reworked & rewrote it completely. Today it sounds nothing compared to the old version, just the basic idea is there. I think now it has all the elements that I find very enjoyable when I make my music and what has kinda became the trademark of Neurotech - catchy melodies, big atmosphere and a upbeat tempo. Oh yes, and a good chorus.

4. Is The Sunrise Coming

This was the first song written for Vol. 2. I remember one late night just playing around with some vocal effects or something, and just multitracked some vocal harmonies by myself and then the lyrics came very subconsciously and I spent the entire night working on it, and by morning the song was pretty much done. I knew the song would be great with female vocals so I recorded a demo version with one of my singer friends, and then after it worked out so well, I kinda knew I wanted to have female vocals on the entire EP.

5. Unconditional

The story about "Unconditional" is pretty much the same as with "A Clouded Mind". It is also from the late Transhuman era, I liked the harmonies very much but the song never 'clicked' for me. So I just used the parts that I like and rewrote it completely. In the first version there were some growling on top of the chorus and it's just sounded very lame, so when Tanja put her vocal tracks on it, it gave me the chills, so I guess that was what the song was missing.

6. This Is The New Age

This one is also quite new in terms of its origin. I wrote a lot of ideas for this one and somehow it turned out to two completely different songs in terms of its harmonic content. One was a bit more on a dark side and another a bit more on the hopeful side. So I decided to divide the two songs and finished off the hopeful one because that's the whole idea of what Decipher Vol. 2 is all about.

7. A Separate Way

As most of my songwriting goes I pretty much always write the chorus first and then structure the whole song around it. It is a quite natural process for me because I hear the choruses in my head so in a way I just fill in the blanks with the rest of the stuff what the song needs and what is it all about. This one in a way counterweights the Decipher Vol. 1, because Vol. 1 ends in a very numb / melancholic state, and this one is somewhat an answer filled with a very positive atmosphere and uplifting lyrics. And I think we live in the era where the world and its people need a bit of optimism from time to time.

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