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Red Sun Revival - Running From The Dawn (2012) - Song by song

Red Sun Revival - Running From The Dawn (2012) (Song By Song)
Conducted by: T.V.
With: Rob Leydon

Release date: 12 October 2012

01. My Child
02. Running From The Dawn
03. Lost For Words
04. Last Chance
05. Wide Awake
06. Miracles
07. Without You
08. Forgive Us Now
09. Nothing To Hide

One of the most intriguing discoveries on the gothic rock fields must be London (England) based band Red Sun Revival. They've formed in 2011, but the idea of album was born before, as the songs present on this  album were composed in a four year period between 2007-2010 by Rob Leydon. Red Sun Revival on their debut album which is gonna be published on 12th October 2012 via German label AF-music represents everything what a true goth fan wants. From melancholic atmospheres, to catchy rhytms and sometimes alternative vibe, everything upgraded with a splendid deep and emotional baritone voice of Rob, that brings some resemblance with Carl McCoy (Fields Of The Nephilim). Read this exclusive song by song explanation by Red Sun Revival leader Rob to get a slight insight into this album.

1. My Child

"My Child" is a story about an unresponsive patient and her faithful partner, who visits at her bedside despite the lack of any recognition on her part. The protagonist in the story searches for clues in the vacant expressions of the woman he loves, and who once loved him, imagining that she is somehow able to discern his presence, or remember some vestiges of their time together before the events that brought about her condition.

2. Running From The Dawn

"Running From The Dawn" is a love song written about the occasion of my meeting the most my last girlfriend, who’s still the most important person in my life. I rarely write upbeat, happy songs, but at this particular point in my life, I wanted to record the overwhelming joy that I experienced. It was a magical time, and a time in which I realised life-changing decisions had to be made, due to the complicated nature of the circumstances.

3. Lost For Words

The song was written about my father, and a particularly moving wedding speech he delivered at my sister’s wedding some years ago. He tore up his original speech, which he’d been preparing for the last year, and re-wrote it minutes before he was required to deliver it. Half-way through the heart-felt speech, he was overcome with emotion, something very out of character, and had difficulty getting through the words. This as profoundly affecting for all present.

4. Last Chance

"Last Chance" is about the end of a relationship that I felt was irreplaceable. At the time, it occurred to me that to enter any other relationship in the future would be futile, as nothing could measure up favourably against the one which I’d just lost. I wrote the song to speak to the woman in question, in the future, when perhaps another opportunity might arise for us to be together again.

5. Wide Awake

"Wide Awake" is about insomnia, and a person who equates sleep with death. This person, who we can imagine is fairly old, is fearful every night that he will die in his sleep. However, this person is unwilling to submit to the inevitable, and feels that his life’s work in uncompleted. He resolves never to sleep again, until the end comes.

6. Miracles

"Miracles" is a critique of a particular brand of evangelical movement in which vulnerable people are imbued with false hope that their crippling disabilties can be cured through faith in God, and more specifically, by certain religious individuals in positions of importance within such churches.

7. Without You

"Without You" was first song to be composed for this album. At the time the concept of Red Sun Revival hadn’t yet been formed. At the time I wanted to start writing again after a long break after writing for Voices of Masada for many years. The song deals with an inability come to terms with one’s own mortality, and more specifically the notion that a kind immortality can be accomplished through disappearing. Whilst death can be presumed, it can never be confirmed. The protagonist in the song struggles with the knowledge of his limited life span, perhaps as a consequence of a terminal disease, and plans his disappearance so as to die anonymously and never be discovered.

8. Forgive Us Now

"Forgive Us Now" is about my experiences as a young person amongst evangelical Christians. Frequently, I attended large gathering in which a form of hysteria seemed to sweep across the room, brought on by a combination of emotional sermons, music, and persuasive arguments. Once the phenomenon had begun, it would spread throughout the room.  I once remember being one of only a handful of people still standing in a rooms of hundreds, all others had been “slain in the spirit”, having toppled over and who now lay prostrate on the floor. Others gibbered incoherent words, whilst others still rolled around in hysterical laughter. At the time I attributed my lack of any such experience to reluctance on God’s part to engage with me, perhaps because of a lack of willingness or faith from me. I see things rather differently now!

9. Nothing To Hide

With "Nothing To Hide", I wanted to create a huge orchestral tapestry, and the contemporary goth/rock elements. Each instrument has it’s own special place within the song in which that instrument comes to the fore. The lyrics relate to a person who is uncomfortable with his own personality, and who has constructed an elaborate façade, presenting himself to others according to his own desired self image. The individual experiences guilt and a sense of betraying those closest to him by his ingenuous nature.

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