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Musicians playlists

Fredrik Norrman
Musician at: October Tide, Thenighttimeproject, Trees Of Eternity, ex-Katatonia,...

1. Rome - Coriolan
2. Evi Vine - ... And So The Morning Comes
3. Tid - Giv akt
4. Katatonia - The Fall Of Hearts
5. Abba - Super Trouper

"So this is my current top five list. As always I'm listening to lots of different stuff.  I can go from old Carcass to Abba without a problem..."


Nick Schultz
Musician at: The Faces Of Sarah

1. Roger Waters - The Pros & Cons Of Hitch Hiking
"Always been a huge Pink Floyd fan, but over the years I've grown to love Waters solo material more and more. Simply sublime album."
2. Black Sabbath - Heaven & Hell
"Ronnie James Dio was an incredible singer and had a huge influence on me musically and vocally. This is an incredible album from start to finish."
3.  Queen - Live At Wembley 1986
"Loved Queen since I was a kid and Freddie was untouchable as a singer/frontman. Not a great fan of live albums but this one captured a truly amazing moment in time."
4. Marillion - Clutching At Straws
"Lyrically and musically stunning."
5. The Raveonettes - Observator
"Minimalistic, dark, bleak but somehow still catchy. Really clever stuff. Love this band so much and this album is simply superb."


Matt Ford
Musician at: Matt Ford, Serotonal, Torture Garden, ex-Black Magician

1. Dead Can Dance - Spleen And Ideal
2. Joy Division - Closer
3. My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans
4. The Cure - Pornography
5. Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis

"These are five albums that come to mind as of this moment... I think they represent quite an accurate reflection of my current influences. Of course, I could pick five totally different albums next week..."


Musician at: Totengeflüster

1. Cradle Of Filth - Damnation And A Day
2. Dissection - Storm Of The Light’s Bane
3. Dimmu Borgir - Stormblast
4. Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
5. Enthroned - Xes Haereticum

"When I was asked to name my top five albums I already stormed through my head and thought: “How is it even possible to reduce my choices to five albums.” Well I really need to say that this is not easy at all and a lot of compromises need to be done. Another important, non-Metal thing is the fact that actually a lot of my inspiration and “top” music is actually cinematic or orchestral music."


Carfax Haddo
Musician at: Last Dusk, ex-La Marioneta, ex-Draconian Incubus, ex-Maniki, ex-Sex And Blood, ex-Endemia

1. Madrugada - Industrial Silence
2. Nosferatu - Legend
3. Fields Of The Nephilim - Elizium
4. Enrique Bunbury - Las Consecuencias
5. Christian Death - Ashes

"A current list is it, I keep on moving from artist to artist very often, anyway here are some of those I can't quit."


Torsten Bäumer
Musician at: Mystigma

1. Paradise Lost - One Second / Draconian Times
2. Tiamat - Wildhoney
3. Moonspell - Sin/Pecado
4. Rammstein - Mutter / Reise Reise
5. Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses

"So here are my alltimefaves. Albums which were always by my side, in good also in bad times. Every one of these albums is a classic for itself and influenced my vocals and lyrics."


Sean Pollacco
Musician at: Weeping Silence

1. Elend - The Umbersun
2. My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans
3. Arcturus - La Masquerade Infernale
4. Ghost - Meliora
5. Katatonia - Dead End Kings

"This list is in no particular order and tends to change, like everything in life. But, these albums remain top-notch releases that I go back to again and again."


Musician at: Neurotech

1. Nima Fakhrara - The Signal OST
"Love the atmosphere."
2. Conjure One – Holoscenic
"Great sounding new age."
3. The Doors - Strange Days
"Nostalgia,... my childhood's music."
4. Jon Hopkins – Immunity
"Still on a weekly playlist since 2013."
5. Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
"I've never been a big NiN fan, but this album kinda grew on me."

"Summer has always been one of mine most fruitful periods for writing music, therefore I listen to mainly my own demos for constant analysis. Music by other artists is mainly for background purposes which results in my all-time familiar albums that I like and lots of ambient and soundtrack based music which I listen at home, and in my car is mainly electro, techno and trance to decompress."


Tony Mayo
Musician at: Naked Lunch

1. Velvet Underground & Nico - s/t
2. Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
3. Various Artists - Some Bizzare Album
4. Nirvana - Nevermind
5. Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land

"Being asked for 5 albums out of so many that I love and could choose from was very hard, so I went for some albums that I feel had influence on modern music. Yes I know there are lots more but I only had room for 5..."


Ben Marmier
Musician at: Mils, Mist Of Dead End, Chokhmah

1. Killing Joke - Pandemonium
2. Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
3. Paradise Lost - One Second
4. Depeche Mode - Violator
5. Moonspell - Wolfheart

"I thought it was more interesting to select 5 albums that I used to worship in my teens. Those records had a big influence on me, and somehow it has an impact on the way I listen to music now. It's kind of my dark music DNA."