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Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2012 - RESULTS!!!


And here are the results of Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2012!!! A big thank you to all who voted, your response was really unbeliveable!!! Also big thanks to all the bands who promoted this competition in many possible ways! In this more than one month long competition we started with five selected and one "write in vote" preliminary groups and from each group two albums made it into BIG final round.
The absolute winner was known more than one week before the voting ended and this title goes to French band Alcest with their album Les voyages de l'âme! But, the battle for second place lasted till the very last hours and Danish doomsters Saturnus with album Saturn In Ascension took it by just one vote before Portuguese gothic metallers Moonspell and their double album Alpha Noir/Omega White. Congratulations also to other bands, some results were really tight.
Not to mention how tight it was in some groups from the Preliminary round. Maybe there was some injustice, as some of the bands ended in with some really tough competitors, but drawing selected it that way and in those kind of competitions luck plays a big factor. (You can leave your comments on Terra Relicta official facebook page.)

1. Alcest - Les voyages de l'âme                                      542 votes

2. Saturnus - Saturn In Ascension                                    324 votes

3. Moonspell - Alpha Noir/Omega White                           323 votes

04. Katatonia - Dead End Kings                                      142 votes                   
05. Desdemona - Endorphins                                          124 votes   
06. Red Sun Revival - Running From The Dawn             71 votes
07. The Foreshadowing - Second World                          65 votes
08. Anathema - Weather Systems                                     57 votes    
09. Mandragora Scream - Luciferland                             42 votes    
10. Valkiria - Here The Day Comes                                 41 votes    
11. My Dying Bride - A Map Of All Our Failures              40 votes   
12. Monica Richards (Infrawarrior) - Naiades              36 votes

Check out also the results in preliminary groups: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5, Group 6

Alcest - Les voyages de l'âme: Masterfully executed melodic sonic journey in the pure Alcest vein. The third album from this French band is magnificent, so many exceptional atmospheric soundscapes must take the listener out of this time and place. This time even more subtle and emotional, showing a natural evolution of this band and a genre called metalgaze. The bands leader Neige is one of the greatest artists when it's about shoegaze within metal and this album just proves this again. Link: Website


Anathema - Weather Systems: Anathema's ninth studio album testifys in a big way about the greatness of this liverpoolians, the greatness of creating emotional powerful ablazeing sounds. It's difficult to say what kind of genre are Anathema playing, let's call it atmospheric prog rock. After quite long time without without a studio album, the band returned in 2010 with We're Here Because We're Here and since then Anathema are on a winning path. Weather Systems is a work of art, like only they can do. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


Desdemona - Endorphins: One of the most popular active dark alternative bands in their home country Poland must be Desdemona. With their last studio album Endorphins they've gained a lot of success even worldwide. Their music is powerfull, it has a lot of energy, strange industrial beats, distorted metalic guitars and amazing use of electronics. Agnieszkas voice on the other side adds an erotic vibe to their sound. Endorphins is modern, captivating, danceable masterpiece with lots of atmosphere. Album that shouldn't be missed! Link: Website


Katatonia - Dead End Kings: Katatonia are back with their ninth studio album. When the time comes for these masters of melancholic rock or metal sounds every fan of theirs is expecting a masterpiece and Katatonia don't disappoint, never. With each listen there is a lot to discover in its waste assortment of sounds and overall complexity. Dead End Kings is one hell of an album and it deserves the highest possible rating. Melancholy and gloom, it rocks!!! Read a review HERE. Link: Website


Mandragora Scream - Luciferland: Do you remember how great was their album Madhouse released back in 2006? Now, the Italian female fronted gothsters are back with Luciferland, which has gained again all the power this band once had to create special haunting dark atmospheres. Gothic metal, industrial touches, dark rock and electro pop elements in a plausible combination. Luciferland is a fresh air and recommended to all past fans of the band, alike to all lovers of modern dark sounds. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


Monica Richards (Infrawarrior) - Naiades: Who doesn't know this artist who is the muse of all dark music, better known from her work in legends Faith And The Muse? Naiades, what to add more..., amazing vocal job, captivating atmospheres,... albums like this should be a joy for every fan of quality dark music. It's always nice to see artists who are around for so many years and they still have the power, will and ideas to create albums which can be counted among those classics of the genre. Monica Richards is not only a muse of faith, but absolutely also a muse of the whole dark music world. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


Moonspell - Alpha Noir/Omega White: Moonspell have been around for more than twenty years and therefore their discography has everything, from crown jewels of raw metal, to more soft and melodic releases. This album shows both sides, separated in two amazing parts. Just listen to the whole package and decide which side of Moonspell you prefer. In any case, you will find something to enjoy.  Read a review HERE. Link: Website


My Dying Bride - A Map Of All Our Failures: Gloom & doom like we are used from legends My Dying Bride. Epic soundscapes of sorrow and pain, darkness and beauty. The band proves once again that they haven't lost their touch after strange ambiental Evinta. A Map Of All Our Failures is an album that will grab you with its bewitchingatmosphere, depressive mood and top notch doom metal sound. There are so many things that will open a grey world in front of your scarred eyes Link: Website


Red Sun Revival - Running From The Dawn: One of the most emotional and profound gothic rock releases of 2012. Red Sun Revival's debut is beautiful and smooth, adventureous and warm, still cold in it's core. This album shouln't be missed in your collection if you ever loved emotional gothic rock with great melodies and amazing vocal job. Bass drive, blistering percussions and gently sparking guitars are giving a fence to lean against, mournful synths and violin lines work like a pillow where you can bury your tearful face after the burial of your loved one. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


Saturnus - Saturn In Ascension: We had to wait for more than six years after magnificent doom metal jewel Veronika Decides To Die to hear new Saturnus masterwork. Now, Saturnus are here with their fourth studio album and tears will be poured again. There is a lot going on in this album, it's a slow sinking into some of the most melancholic and grim spaces that have ever been discovered with the sole music. It's slow, melodic, yet brutal and dark, yes, very dark. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


The Foreshadowing - Second World: The Foreshadowing have been learning from masters of gothic doom till now, but now it's time that masters should learn from them or better said, they have already became one of the elite. An album that stands above all standards that were ever done in gothic doom genre. This album was the first album on Terra Relicta with a rating 10 out of 10. Anything else to be said? I don't think so. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


Valkiria - Here The Day Comes: Black metal, gothic and doom metal marvelous mixture. Such an outstanding musicianship cannot be missed and beside The Foreshadowing they should take the leading role in  Italian dark music spectrum. Valkiria created an outstanding album which works like one song divided into seven parts and brings to the fans of the genre something that everyone should wish to grab and consume. It would really be a disgrace to miss this dark gem. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


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