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Dark Music Awards 2013 - Preliminary Group 3

Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards 2013 results: Preliminary Group 3:

01. Fen - Dustwalker                      
votes: 203
02. October Tide - Tunnel Of No Light                             
votes: 74
03. Mils - Man Is A Lonely Soldier
votes: 64
04. HIM - Tears On Tape                                        
votes: 35
04. Partly Faithful - Lazarus Under Glass                                      
votes: 35
06. Merciful Nuns - Goetia V                                     
votes: 25
07. Silent Scream - Public Execution 
votes: 20

Uncategorized Tomaz 7 Years ago
Awards 2013 - Preliminary Group 3

Preliminary Group 3 - Results

Fen - Dustwalker
October Tide - Tunnel Of No Light
Mils - Man Is A Lonely Soldier
HIM - Tears On Tape
Partly Faithful - Lazarus Under Glass
Merciful Nuns - Goetia V
Silent Scream - Public Execution
The vote is already over! It ended on Monday, 03.February 2014 (00:00).

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Finalistst from the Preliminary Group 3 are: Fen - Dustwalker and October Tide - Tunnel Of No Light

Dark Music Awards 2013 Final Results: HERE!

Fen - Dustwalker: Fen returns with Dustwalker, an epic voyage through windswept and desolate landscape of England's Fen region, from where the band gets most of the inspiration. Dustwalker is a passionate, yet very melancholic and intriguing black metal album that must be consumed by everybody who is not afraid of a little bit more exacting listening  experience. Read a review HERE. Links: Facebook

HIM - Tears On Tape: Tears On Tape is a solid album. It offers 15 tracks, which form a combination of sounds recognizable to listener, since it’s an odyssey through HIM’ discography by bits and pieces. It’s most notable feature is, as always, Ville Valo’s remarkable, deep and extremely passionate voice. There is no doubt that Valo has always been and still is an extraordinary vocalist with great charisma. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Merciful Nuns - Goetia V: "Out of Space, Out of time". An hypnotic female voice repeats these litany words. The band's fifth album reveals a different context comparing it with its predecessor. However there is a subtle connection between both soundscapes, these are more contemplative and mystical... almost sacred. "True" Gothic Rock!!! Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Mils - Man Is A Lonely Soldier: This is an outstanding album that is meant for a larger audience as it holds influences from such diverse styles as are blues, alternative rock, indie rock, metal, new wave, 80's pop, trip hop, it is very emotional, sometimes melancholic, but often very atmospheric. There's time also for some psychedelic moments, industrial beats, but in no way those songs lose its drive and catchiness and many melodies will remain in your head for a long time. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

October Tide - Tunnel Of No Light: Melodic death/doom metal in the vein of early Katatonia, but still with an unique touch. Tunnel Of No Light is an absolute must for the lovers of the genre as it draws you with ease into the dark tunnel with no light on the horizon. Links: Website, Facebook

Partly Faithful - Lazarus Under Glass: The Londoners are unique in their ability to mix real post-punk/rock with more theatrical, glam, shoegaze and indie elements and not come off like a handful of spitting images. Music in Lazarus Under Glass is loud, intense, noisy but at the same time, sufficiently surrounding, introspective and often changes pace, something most current bands can’t claim. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Silent Scream - Public Execution: Strong and vivacious, yet aggressive and emotional vocals, dirty, raw but still effective, sometimes even dominant bass lines and distorted guitar riffs, together with some amazing drum work and before mentioned interesting use of electronics, synths, sax,... Public Execution holds power, emotion, it's not an easy record, but one that needs you to reflect upon it, for sure it will leave some knots in your stomach. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook


Dark Music Awards 2013 Final Results: HERE!