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Dark Music Awards 2014 - Preliminary Group 01


Finalists from the Preliminary Group 1 are: Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen and Whispers In The Shadow - Beyond The Cycles Of Time

Vote now in the finals here:

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Awards 2014 - Preliminary Group 1

Vote for your favourite album in Preliminary Group 1

Devil-M - Revenge Of The Antichrist
Ghost Actor - Unfold
Liquid Grey - Arsenic Dreams
Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen
The Chant - New Haven
The Stompcrash - Love From Hell
Whispers In The Shadow - Beyond The Cycles Of Time
The vote is already over! It ended on Saturday, 31.January 2015 (00:00).

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Devil-M - Revenge Of The Antichrist: Germans attacked again with some hard industrial beats, this time in the form of a quartet under the name Devil-M. Devil-M are roughly an industrial rock act, but the music structure on Revenge Of The Antichrist is much deeper and far more complex to be merely that; combining features of pure industrial rock, with some dark electro, electropunk, EBM and even some gothic metal elements. If you’re into some spine-chilling experimental industrial rock, you will definitely find some joy in this pitch-dark and bloodstained red, mystic album. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Ghost Actor - Unfold: Sounds full of unhuman perversity and pure drainage of mind, just like being swept by a monotonity and horrors of existence. It's with a great sense of creating the dense cold atmosphere that Ghost Actor invites us into oblivion. With perfectly balanced, yet simple song structures, always being on a thin line of becoming too long-windedly, the two Austrians are exceptional in what they do. Such an impressive dose of darkness done in this way that keeps the dramatic aspect always very high is rarely heard. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Liquid Grey - Arsenic Dreams: Arsenic Dreams is a bewitching and captivating rock album and what we hear is gothic rock with many variations and tentacles that reach in many corners of rock music. Don't expect that typical made in UK sound here as the cold Scandinavian air always leaves the imprint on musicians and so it's in this case. Ok, but still, those who can't withstand their gothic rock without The Sisters Of Mercy touch will not be disappointed, Arsenic Dreams builds on the rhytmic section which is very familiar with the one from the Vision Thing. Read a review HERE. Links: Facebook

Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen: Irish metallers Primordial are back with their eighth studio album! A band which made a history of epic pagan/celtic metal with monumental albums such as The Gathering Wilderness and To The Nameless Dead, even though not reaching that absolute greatness, stays loyal to the sound they've accomplished throughout their more than 25 years long career. Cry of wounded soldier in majestic compositions through storytelling lyrics makes you wanna go into battle and pay the tribute to the fallen greater men. Where Greater Men Have Fallen is for sure another bright jewel in their discography. Links: Website, Facebook

The Chant - New Haven: Finnish septet did an album full of beautiful melodies, the sound is made of breathtaking harmonies, yet there you might find a lot of powerfull outbreaks, sometimes even almost doomy parts lay hidden in the tracks. With dreamy, sometimes acoustic guitar lines, teasing chords and spherical piano touches here and there it plays with listeners emotions over and over again. It's one unique gentle experience that needs some attention, it has many interesting elements that should satisfy even the most picky lover of gloomy atmospheric rock. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

The Stompcrash - Love From Hell: This is The Stompcrash's trademark album by all means, but this time with even more elaborated song structures and very good, clean production. The romantic note is still present all over the record, but thrown with kind of more "into your face" attitude. Many typical goth rock and wave elements converge into mystical, somehow melancholic pop melodies, thus creating very dense and at the moments extremely catchy sound. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Whispers In The Shadow - Beyond The Cycles Of Time: Beyond The Cycles Of Time is a complex album in its core. The band strikes with some really astonishing groovers, post-punk/goth rocking anthems, ambiental cinematic psychedelia, tribal dark rock and much more. It's an essential album for the genre that seems to be in a rather ascent for a last couple of years. Beyond The Cycles Of Time beautifully marks the end of the significant chapter in bands history, a four album cycle which started in 2008 with their fifth album Into The Arms Of Chaos. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook