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Dark Music Awards 2014 - Preliminary Group 02


Finalists from the Preliminary Group 2 are: Darkspace - Dark Space III I and Yabanci - Grimorium

Vote now in the finals here:

Uncategorized T.V. 6 Years ago
Awards 2014 - Preliminary Group 2

Vote for your favourite album in Preliminary Group 2

Bella Morte - Exorcisms
Darkspace - Dark Space III I
Doom:VS - Earthless
Liv Kristine - Vervain
Oberer Totpunkt - Desiderat
Savn - Savn
Yabanci - Grimorium
The vote is already over! It ended on Saturday, 31.January 2015 (00:00).

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Bella Morte - Exorcisms: A band active for more than 18 years, singing songs of love and loss, about the dead, hope and despair is back with their eighth album! Showing once more a perfect mix of catchy melodies, driving electronics and yet heavy guitar riffs. Exorcisms is without doubt one of their strongest albums to date, very emotional and haunting, but still featuring desolate landscapes found in their early works. Bella Morte offers alternative gothic rock in one of the most perfect forms and their fans certainly know how to appreciate this. Links: Website, Facebook

Darkspace - Dark Space III I: Wroth, Zorgh and Zhaaral once again pledge allegiance to unconscious coordinates and chaos is reborn. You could refer to it as black metal from the astral plains. Mechanical vibes and a wall of transcendent sound that explodes and expands without beginning and without end. Abhorrent to a saint’s ears, exquisitely beauteous to others. The echoing chanting grants appear every now and then, malevolent and elegant at the same time, exploding like cosmic sperm in the vaginal universe just to impregnate the uncertain. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Doom:VS - Earthless: Johan Ericson (Draconian) is back with his project Doom:VS, rejoice lovers of all things doom! Taking a step further from the previous album, Dead Words Speak, leaving behind the funeral doom sound almost completely, this new release holds an imense power and kind of unpretentious dynamics. Maybe it wouldn't be unfair to say that at some point it sounds just like a mix between Draconian and later Saturnus. Yes, Johan Ericson plus Thomas A.G. Nielsen behind the microphone is a winning combination. Read a review HERE. Links: Facebook

Liv Kristine - Vervain: Liv Kristine decided to return to her roots and take us on a beautiful journey through dark rock with so many various influences; ranging from gothic metal, doom metal and even pop. It's more than enjoyable to once again hear Liv Kristine peering into the depths of gothic metal and including the typical romantic, yet saddened ambient into the songs. Ranging from upbeat and powerful melodies, through heartsore and gloomy tracks to fragile ballads, Vervain offers a wide array of highly captivating and intense sounds. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Oberer Totpunkt - Desiderat: Four years after the previous bizarre album, Stiller Zoo, the band hits with Desiderat. Like in the past there's everything centered around Bettina's strong words and her hypnotic voice. The music is on the second level, but still it's as much important as spoken, sometimes screamed words, with a punk attitude. Desiderat is one of the most dynamic and interesting dark-electro albums released lately, it has so many impressive twists, many great atmospheric moments, haunting vocal job or speeches, and a lot of rhytmic lines that constantly drill into the brains of the listener. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Savn - Savn: Even though Savn's music can be described as a gothic metal, in its core it has many different alloys. Some might find resemblances with early Theatre Of Tragedy, early Leaves' Eyes or even Sirenia, but there are many other layers hidden inside. Superficially might be just like another female fronted gothic/symphonic metal creation, but like in many cases there are houndreds of details built in there that give a complete picture. Savn, featuring two members of legendary The Sins Of Thy Beloved and singer Carmen from Midnattsol, doesn't really follow recent trends in female fronted metal. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Yabanci - Grimorium: Swiss ensemble Yabanci created a dense and very obscure atmosphere, sometimes almost suffocating and psychedelic. Many songs have very nice crescendos and with catchy melodic lines Yabanci can easily drown the listener into this alchemic, very hypnotizing world. There are heard influences from old school bands like early era Fields Of The Nephilim, Bauhaus, Christian Death and Siouxie And The Banshees, but what you'll get are invasive and addictive soundscapes with a nicely flowing drive. Read a review HERE. Links: Facebook