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Dark Music Awards 2014 - Preliminary Group 07


Finalists from the Preliminary Group 7 are: Anathema - Distant Satellites and Bellanox Mystery - Interstellar Basics

Vote now in the finals here:

Uncategorized T.V. 6 Years ago
Awards 2014 - Preliminary Group 7

Vote for your favourite album in Preliminary Group 7

Anathema - Distant Satellites
Bellanox Mystery - Interstellar Basics
Cryo - Retropia
Double Eyelid - Seven Years
Frostbite - Everything That I Crave
Last Leaf Down - Fake Lights
Megaherz - Zombieland
The vote is already over! It ended on Saturday, 31.January 2015 (00:00).

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Anathema - Distant Satellites: The highly anticipated, like each and every album from British masters of atmospheric rock, follow up to 2012's Weather Systems is simply just another masterpiece. It contains almost every conceivable element of the heartbeat of Anathema music that it is possible to have. Anathema proves once again that they are not afraid to grow and morph with every new release. Distant Satellites is magic and beauty. Links: Website, Facebook

Bellanox Mystery - Interstellar Basics: Imagine a tenebrous death rock atmosphere mixed up with primary industrial rawness, spiced up with somewhat ill-mented atmosphere and you get Bellanox Mystery’s debut. Mysterious, furious and deranged sound with dramatic vocal work, that will surely remind you of Marilyn Manson on more than one occasion, will make your nerves itch. Links: Facebook

Cryo - Retropia: If EBM stands for a music genre with particular characteristics, “the EBM” on Retropia is so much more. Not just electronic, but electric. Not just “body music” as music, which will make you want to move your body, but music, which will overwhelm you from head to toes. With its slightly psychedelic and trance-like ambient oozing from the songs, this album is simply addictive. Pounding bass lines, minimalistic electric guitars, keyboards, programming, mesmerizing vocals and two musicians, dedicated to their idea and that’s it. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Double Eyelid - Seven Years: One album, Double Eyelid, Seven Years, ten tracks and a countless palette of vigorous images. Imagine a painter, standing in front of a blank canvas and splattering all the different colours on it, resulting in creating a beautiful painting, which holds a very strong story behind it. That’s what Double Eyelid does - with music. The splatter becomes reality, becomes art and delivers a message; gloomy, deep, fiery and aesthetic. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Frostbite - Everything That I Crave: Ten tracks on this album are a roller coaster of many different dark sounds with preciselly defined structures that range from gothic rock, gothic metal, doom, heavy metal, industrial and yet sometimes going astray from everything mentioned into alternative rock waters. Everything That I Crave shines because of its honest and genuine character, it can capture the listener in an instant with its epic cinematic soundscapes, but as well with hard kicking heavy vibes. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook

Last Leaf Down - Fake Lights: The distorted guitar work, unimposing rhythm section and muffled vocals carry most of the weight in Fake Lights, but various influences of gothic rock, atmospheric, alternative rock and even doom metal are vividly shown on more than one occasion. Truly an amazing and more than successful attempt to cover such a wide array of atmospheres makes Fake Lights so incredibly introspectively revelling and thought-provoking. Read a review HERE. Links: Facebook

Megaherz - Zombieland: Megaherz have been a steady quintet since 2007 and with Zombieland they have shown that after 20 years of existence their ship still sails strong and has survived all the wrecks and tornadoes it went through, proving what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Groovy, catchy and noteworthy Zombieland is a small musical explosion, it's a cosmos of its own and so much more than a zombie story. By merging the most essential features of NDH, Zombieland comes through as a 12 track album, rooted deeply in strong and bombastic combination of distorted, down-tuned rhythmic guitar riffs, pounding drums and a very dense use of repetitive samples alongside the heavily emphasized keyboard melodies. Read a review HERE. Links: Website, Facebook