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MOONLOW - Exclusive Streaming Premiere Of Track From Upcoming Album

“I am Dust. This is Moonlow. Who Are You?”

Moonlow, the apocalyptic noise, avant-garde, ambient, poetry project from Duncan Evans (ex-A Forest Of Stars, and now using the pseudonym "Dust") is premiering right here on Terra Relicta webmagazine a brand new song "Day 6 (And Then It Stops)". This cathartic, highly dramatic, depressive, introvert and expressive song is taken from Moonlow's debut album entitled Who Are You? which will be released via Trepanation Recordings on 16th October.

Dust, who has a background in the worlds of extreme metal, post-punk and as a songwriter and composer, comments: ""Day 6 (And Then It Stops)" represents a veritable breaking of the weather; a turning point of sorts in the 9-day narrative of the album. Musically it is one of the most melodic pieces, featuring a repeating ostinato which is intended to be soothing as well as slightly unsettling. There are elements of ambient and drone music as well as harsher noise tones. The song's words finish with a reiteration of the album title - Who Are You? As with much of the Moonlow album, I wanted to to emphasise the counterpoint between peaceful elements and chaotic noise. The vocal delivery was improvised and follows the contours of the music as it flows from whisper to scream. I hope you enjoy it."

Who Are You? encourages the listener to enter into a quasi-religious communion with elements of the self. The record was written and recorded very quickly in a stream-of-consciousness haze of illness and fear. The listener is invited to join the twists and nuances of this existential journey by allowing Dust’s musical and verbal outpourings of the soul to cleanse them.

The lyrics - often spoken, whispered, or screamed - interrogate concepts and metaphysical entities including death, fear, pain, God, nature, hope, joy and love. The pieces follow a nine-day period and then leave the door open for what may or may not be coming next.

The music, which was composed and recorded almost simultaneously with very little planning, is often abrasive and intentionally avoids traditional structures. However, as well as longing, desperation and despair, there is also calm, tranquility and peace to be found within the ambient textures. Most of the sound sources are synthetic but there are a few “real instruments” in certain places. Everything was performed, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Dust other than the guest vocals on one piece by Aryeh.

This is cathartic music in which you can lose yourself. You might even find yourself again, if you need to. Who Are You? Get immersed into Dust's mind and give now a listen to Moonlow's "Day 6 (And Then It Stops)" in the player below, it's recommended to fans of Current 93, Laurie Anderson, Crowhurst, A Forest Of Stars, Brian Eno, Jarboe, Aghast,...

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