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DANIEL & MIKAEL TJERNBERG - Exclusive Premiere Of A New Video

Terra Relicta web magazine has teamed up with the artists, the Swedish brothers' Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg for an exclusive premiere of the new video "The Fires Of Muspelheim". The video features special guest vocalist/actor/dancer Hada Pixie and guitarist Gabriel Tjernberg. The song is taken from their Norse themed EP Flight Of The Raven, released via Venus Aeon Records in 2018.

"The Fires Of Muspelheim" is blending the tone language and instruments of classical-romantic music with (more) contemporary and modern ones of popular music genres, the result is a soulful and powerful sonic experience. The song was the first in a series of two EP's centred around Norse mythology - the second one is scheduled for a release in the near future...

Daniel & Mikael comment about the song and video: ""The Fires Of Muspelheim", as the title suggests, is about the ravaged kingdom by the same name and its reigner, the fire giant Surtr. It's rooted in Norse mythology, as you might have figured. We laid the groundwork for the track, but all the while had these lyrics lying around... We started to look for a way to integrate the lyrics with the music. Thanks to Venus Aeon Records, we'd heard the voice acting of Hada Pixie, and she became an obvious choice. Hada was a joy to work with, and she really delivered! Albeit stationed in different parts of the globe, today's technology makes that an almost non-issue; it has some things going for it, we'll give it that."

And about the collaboration with Hada Pixie and Gabriel they add: "For the video, we once again reached out to Hada Pixie. Hada is a wonderful talent, and her acting stretches beyond what she can convey with her voice, as we soon found out. We wanted the framing of the video to reflect the inspiration for the music, so fire and flames were a given. But it also draws from broader themes derived from Norse mythology and its aesthetics. As the track came together, a coda had emerged, and for this, we had a feeling of something missing. Turns out it was just screaming for some lead guitar! We promptly called in our baby brother Gabriel, and he didn't let us down in laying down his parts, putting a crucial mark on the track in the process."

Give a listen to this immersive song and watch the stunning video where elements of Nordic folk, neoclassical, ambient, experimental music and seductive female vocals take the listener into some kind of another dimension.

Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg links: Official web site, Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram, Venus Aeon Records