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APNEICA - Exclusive Streaming Premiere Of A New Single

From the island of Sardinia (Italy) comes a surprise in the form of melancholic/melodic doom/death metal - Apneica. The band which originated in 2007 by an idea of Alessandro Seghene is about to release a brand new EP entitled Pulsazioni...Conversione. The new songs show a huge change in musical direction in comparison with bands self-titled debut album which was more of an instrumental, progressive and experimental work. Album was done completelly by Alessandro himself and released in 2011. In 2012 the band become a full-fledged band and the line-up today consists of Alessandro Seghene (guitars,arrangements,lyrics), Ignazio Simula (vocals), Francesco Pintore (bass) and Luigi Cabras (drums).
In May and June of 2013 Apneica performed live for the first time, playing five songs on the instrumental project and one extra track. During the same year Alessandro continued with the evolution of the project, researching his own sound, but above all the arrangement which lead to him writing his own lyrics. Four new songs were modeled after his original idea including three of the songs written is his native tongue. So, Alessandro got off the ground searching for a singer with a versatile voice, ranging from a guttural growl to a chilling scream while bringing it back down to a clean harmony. It was thanks to an old acquaintance, Giuseppe Mura, that Alessandro got in touch with another old acquaintance of the Sardinian panorama music scene, Ignazio Simula. He possessed the versatile voice to complete Alessandro’s vision. Here lies the evolution, the lyrics and Italian singing, while the music arrangement exuded death, doom and much more melodic direction. The new EP was recorded by Alessandro's friend Maurizio Pinna, at SoundRoom Studio Recording in Alghero, Sardinia, while mastering was done by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro, Sweden.
Terra Relicta webmagazine gives you an exclusive streaming premiere of the opening track and the first single from Pulsazioni...Conversione [EP], "Alba Artificiale". Alessandro commented about the track: ""Alba Artificiale" revolves around the creation of a new day. The beauty of aurora’s faint colors and the lukewarm sun that combines nature and man at the crack of dawn. Witnesses are left straining to recover because of the inspiration of so many lovely colors that one might lose their sight. It’s the connection between what is and what has always been known, that lives inside each one of us and causes one to rejoice." Give a listen to this atmospheric dark doom/death metal masterpiece named "Alba Artificiale" in the Soundcloud player below. The lyrics for the track are below the player.


"Alba Artificiale" lyrics:

Aurora che nasce e illumina
Rinvigorisce il corpo
Segna il principio
D’invisibili connessioni  
Che stordiranno il pensiero
Agitando la mente
Desiderosa di colori
Astri  vaganti
Che non si incontreranno
Destinati a scontrarsi
Per poi distruggersi
Il vento allontanerà i resti
Il tempo ne creerà di altri
L’alba è sorta
Ombre colorate che si muovono
Richiamando l’uomo al risveglio

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