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P. EMERSON WILLIAMS - Exclusive Premiere Of The New Track From Upcoming EP

P. Emerson Williams, a multi media artist, mostly known in the music underground as the main force behind Veil Of Thorns and Choronzon, plus beign half of the duo kkoagulaa. Every single music composition that this guy took his hands upon is a strange one, but vibrant, always obscure and certainly not for everyone. More people listen to the sounds of P. Emerson Williams every day than realize it, for much of it is embedded in extensive transmedia projects past and ongoing. A visionary artist and an illustrator, his work takes projects spanning physical and digital media, genres and modes of performance to strange realms. Emerson is a person who devoted his soul to dark arts and exploration of occult back in the early 80's. Now P. Emerson Williams is back with a new solo EP entitled Sea Of Eyes that features Mark Cunningham, best known as a solo artist, but as well noted because of his collaborations with Christian Marclay, Rudolph Grey, Lydia Lunch, Fist Of Facts (ex-liquid liquid), Jim Thirlwell (Foetus), Bewitched, Jakob Draminsky, Superelvis, Pascal Comelade, Mil Dolores Pequeños, Butch Morris, Etant Donnes, and most recently as a floating member of Thee Majesty, the new group of Genesis P-Orridge.

This release shows a new aesthetic for this man. The combination of the two collaborator's backgrounds is a nexus of many worlds. The seed for the collaboration between P. Emerson Williams and Mark Cunningham was sown in Barcelona, Spain where the Jarboe & P. Emerson Williams 2013 tour stopped for a performance at Ritual Cvlt Party #1. P. Emerson Williams commented exclusively for Terra Relicta: "In a way what we hear on this EP continues from where my last solo release Det Er Stille Under Vatnet left off. I bookended the 2013 tour with Jarboe in the US and Europe with two albums from Veil Of Thorns and now two solo releases, and all bear the marks of how playing Swans, World Of Skin and Jarboe songs challenged and inspired me. After over three decades of playing with a pick, spending the year with my acoustic 12-string guitar made me toss the pick aside to discover what I could do with a combination of percussive and finger styles.
I would play one of my pieces to close out every show of the tour. I was my distinct pleasure do this with instrumentalists several times, like with Kris Force in San Francisco, Helen Money in Portland and Seattle, Jo Quail in Birmingham and London, (which we also recorded a guitar and cello version of which was made available as a free download from PANICMACHINE), and in Barcelona with Mark Cunningham. I learned something new about my piece with each of these incredible artists. Exploring the outer reaches of my composition with Mark Cunningham after witnessing his intense set with Obsidian Kingdom that evening stands out as a personal highlight of the tour, as was hanging out before and after the performance talking with Mark. We discussed collaborating on some recording and here is our first go.
For the first track it was the interplay of the sounds of the acoustic instruments and the repeating rhythmic guitar part providing the pulse. The second and third tracks were made up almost entirely of sounds from the original track. Except the clanking of the tire-iron. I didn't hide that in the mix, or as I used the om's and chanting for background ambience ov thee aethyrz. Also added on the two remixes were timpanis and me thwaching a plastic dustbin with a broom handle. I'm not sure where remixing ends and creating a new work with the raw material from another begins, not that I've noticed much philosophizing on the matter outside the use of material by one artists performed and recorded by another. I'll have to test that further, as I no doubt will the matter of how long a piece can be before iTunes refuses to distribute it. Maybe after the 24 hour mark, such a piece becomes sonic sculpture, a fixture rather than an ephemeral commodity. The longest piece here is a more modest twenty minutes, so we're cool here."

Terra Relicta offers you an exclusive pre-release premiere of the title track "Sea Of Eyes". EP is set for release on 3rd September as a digital download. Meanwhile P. Emerson Williams is working on some additional material for Bandcamp release, like an ebook and video. A month after the release of EP an album of acoustic tracks with vocals will follow.

Emerson adds in the end: "This is kind of a new direction for me, with a bit of neofolk by way of blues and post-industrial sonic manipulation." So, get indulged by this meditative musical exploration and be sure to check out more of this amazing artist.


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