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DRONNY DARKO - Exclusive Premiere Of New Music Video

Terra Relicta Webmagazine has teamed up with the Cryo Chamber record label to release an exclusive premiere of the music video for "Scriptures". The track is taken from the upcoming Dronny Darko album, Spira Igneus.

Oleg Puzan, the man behind Dronny Darko, has quite an extensive library of music. Over the last few years he has dabbled in a number of various forms of ambient, dark ambient, and drone music. Through his other main project D3Z, along with his partner-in-crime Sasha Cats aka protoU, Oleg Puzan also pushes the limits of darkside/breakcore music.

Now, Dronny Darko has returned for his third solo installment on the Cryo Chamber label, with Spira Igneus. Spira Igneus is a return to the style that brought Dronny Darko fame on his debut, Outer Tehom. We have returned to the dark and sinister settings of Outer Tehom on Spira Igneus. Deep rumbling drones, which seem to be rising from the fiery pits of the underworld, gorge us with fear and trepidation. This is darkness. A darkness that only the likes of Oleg Puzan seem to be able to capture. With a nod to veterans like Lustmord, Atrium Carceri, and Yen Pox, this is a pure black nightmare unfolding through your sound system.

Cryo Chamber says about the album:
"In the high rises of Kiev, Ukraine, the Black Room Studio looms. The smoky base of operations for both the Dronny Darko and ProtoU projects.
Oleg's third solo album on Cryo Chamber is dark and occult. Having more in common with his first album Outer Tehom than his second, Neuroplasticity.
Massive deep drone builds momentum as reality cracks open to reveal the darkness of the void. The majestic Spira Igneus humming in a frequency long forgotten. Lunacy caught form between damp tears and unholy chants. Ancient secrets uttered between clenched teeth in tortured whimper and lingering whispers.
This is a lovechild of lowercase ambient, minimalist drone and nightmarish dark ambient."
Spira Igneus releases 25th October.

Dronny Darko links: Official website, Facebook

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