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BLACK ANGEL - Unveils New Album And Share New Music Video

UK 80s inspired gothic rockers Black Angel have unveiled their highly-anticipated third studio album, Prince Of Darkness. The concept of Prince Of Darkness is to take you on a journey. The record starts...


THE IRONFIST - New Album Out Now And Available For Streaming

Singaporean black metal punks The Ironfist just released their new digital album Hyenarchy- Scavenger Music Volume 1. The album features nine tracks of sheer raw and filthy metal punk noise that will deafen...


TERRA RELICTA - Presents Compilation 'Sleep Of Morpheus Spell' Released On Bandcamp

Terra Relicta Dark Music Web Magazine and Radio zealously present their new dark ambient, dungeon synth, post-industrial, martial, neoclassical, dark electronic and related music compilation, Sleep Of Morpheus Spell.


TERRA RELICTA - Presents Black Metal Compilation Released On Bandcamp

Terra Relicta Dark Music Web Magazine and Radio zealously present their first black metal compilation, In Sickness We Reign. The compilation consists of 18 tracks with a playing time of 101 minutes. Most of the tracks were made exclusively...


KINGFISHER SKY - Released A New EP And Two Lyrics Videos

Dutch symphonic rock band Kingfisher Sky release their new EP Rise on 18 June. Four songs about hope, love, nuance and unconditional respect for one another, or lack thereof. With a vivacious, symphonic and sometimes folky sound,...


LEILA ABDUL-RAUF - To Release New Solo Album In July, Two Tracks Available For Streaming

Oakland (USA) based artist Leila Abdul-Rauf will release her fourth full-length solo album, Phantasiai, on the 16th of July through Cyclic Law, with a vinyl release to follow in September as a co-release...


MORDIAN - To Release A New Single

Alternative-gothic artist Mordian is about to release a new single, "January Moon", on 2 July. It's a haunting offering meant to carve the path for the next era of music; Mordian is eager to release more material after a period of rumination.


HLADOMRAK - Inked A Deal With Non Serviam Records, New Album Out In September

Swedish black metal band Hladomrak has signed a record deal with Dutch extreme metal label Non Serviam Records. Recently the band put the final touches on their third opus Archaic Sacrifice which...


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The USA based ambient/industrial, neo-folk solo act None - a tribute to all the divine - was founded in 2015 by musician and songwriter Nicholas Mendiola (Ex-Plague Phalanx, Thangorodrim and Awakened Abyss). For Nicholas, None is the deity of his creation and the eternal version of himself. As he had stated for the interview (webzine From Corners Unknown), the purpose and mission of his contemporary life were to discover himself as the true voice and host that None speaks through - and to leave the word and mark of None upon the world not only to affect other present beings of the earth and multiverse but to leave traces for future lives to again discover their true identity.

None's music will be presented on the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 3 June at 22.00 [CEST] on Terra Relicta radio.


In the spotlight


French act Saigon Blue Rain was formed by Ophélie Lecomte and Franck Pelliccioli in September 2012 as Stupid Bitch Reject. Six months later, its first self-titled EP got released on Afmusic. A couple of months before the debut album What I Don't See release on Cold Insanity Music in September 2014, the duo decided to rename the band from Stupid Bitch Reject to Saigon Blue Rain. While the initials, which proved to be lucky ones, stayed the same, the music style changed - what was the reason for changing the band's name in the first place. The same kind of ethereal vocals now combined with highly emotive new/coldwave with some post-punk, darkwave, shoegaze and some gothic rock.


Awards 2012 - Preliminary Group 4 - Results!

Results from Preliminary Group 4:

1. The Foreshadowing - Second World                             38 votes
2. Katatonia - Dead End Kings                                             33 votes
3. Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol                                               32 votes
4. The Gathering - Disclosure                                               25 votes
5. Forgotten Tomb - ...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil... 13 votes
6. Atoma - Skylight                                                                 12 votes

Atoma - Skylight: Once you dive into the atmospheric soundscapes that Atoma produced on Skylight  it's very difficult not to be amazed and taken somewhere out of this time and space. Post metal as it should be, don't miss this one. Link: Website


Forgotten Tomb - ...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...: Nihilistic, dark, adventurous and heavy. …And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil… is an album that amazes with its desperation and rawness, it's also expressed through very vivid and sincere lines. Black & Roll...? Exactly! Read a review HERE. Link: Website


Katatonia - Dead End Kings: Katatonia are back with their ninth studio album. When the time comes for these masters of melancholic rock or metal sounds every fan of theirs is expecting a masterpiece and Katatonia don't disappoint, never. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol: Not only that they are originators of the genre called gothic metal, they are also settling the normatives of it. One of the most influential bands, with Tragic Idol only shows once more all their greatness. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


The Foreshadowing - Second World: The Foreshadowing have been learning from masters of gothic doom till now, but now it's time that masters should learn from them or better said, they have already became one of the elite. Anything else to be said? I don't think so. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


The Gathering - Disclosure: The sounds of Disclosure varies from Mandylion through How To Measure A Planet? to Souvenirs, alternative rock and gothic rock and yet remains fresh, a new step in The Gathering’s evolution. Great atmospheric artwork to grab and hold onto. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


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Ghorot - Dead Gods