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VULTURE LORD - Returns With A New Album After 18 Years

Eighteen years since the release of their first full-length album, the wicked and blasphemous Profane Prayer, the Norwegian black metal legends Vulture Lord has returned with its successor. Desecration Rite is an unholy assault...


DRACONIAN - Unveils Official Video For "The Sethian"

Gothic doom metal symbiosis Draconian just unveiled a new official video for their hauntingly beautiful hymn, "The Sethian", cut from their latest chart-breaking album, Under A Godless Veil (2020). Along with a bewitching official video...


EDNA FRAU - Presents First Single And Video From The Upcoming Debut Album

Italian indie post-punk act Edna Frau (formed by The Doormen and Postvorta members) release a video for the track "Wet Plush", the first single from their debut album My Ego Is Bigger Than Yours, which is...


BORNHOLM - Inked A Deal With Napalm Records, Working On A New Album

Hungarian pagan/black metal legends Bornholm have signed a record deal with Napalm Records and are currently working on their upcoming fifth album. Ever since bursting onto the scene in 2000, Budapest's...


ÅSKOG - Entire Upcoming Debut Album Available For Streaming

Swedish black metal unit Åskog has premiered online their debut album Varþnaþer. The album will be out in two days on the 12th of May via Grind to Death Records (CD) and Leviaphonic Records (digital).


MARRAS - Announces Sophomore Full-Length, First Track Available For Streaming

Finnish black metallers Marras announced that they will release the highly anticipated second album, Endtime Sermon, on the 9th of July via Spread Evil Productions. Marras burst from the void in autumn 2019...


SHININGSTAR - New Single And Lyric Video Released

Russian female-fronted symphonic metallers Shiningstar are now launching the new single and lyric video "Night Witches". Recently the band signed a record deal with Time To Kill Records for the release...


SVARTA SANNIGAR - Presents First Single And Video From The Upcoming EP

Swedish post-rock/goth/metal band Svarta Sanningar, who will release on 21st May a new EP Kapitel 2, have unveiled a new single and music video "Kemisk Reinkarnation". This song can be described as...


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Mexican band A Mors Et Bello was established by vocalist and bassist Alverdark in 1998. First called Divine Blood, Alverdark, Serpent and Siner, made some local presentations without materializing their sound. With the return of the drummer, guitarist and composer Andras Mors from the United States in 1999, Alverdark decided to give the band a new name: A Mors Et Bello. The band then decided to record an EP with two new members, Seyer and Olaznogh, titled this material Dominazione Di Satanas. Soon after the EP's release (2001), Seyer and Olaznogh decided to leave the band due to personal issues. The remaining A Mors Et Bello's members Andras Mors and Alverdark then recorded a debut album called Sounds Of Horror, released in 2005.

A Mors Et Bello's music will be presented in the radio show [Dark] UNKNOWN this Thursday, 13 May at 22.00 (CET) on Terra Relicta Radio.


In the spotlight


French act Saigon Blue Rain was formed by Ophélie Lecomte and Franck Pelliccioli in September 2012 as Stupid Bitch Reject. Six months later, its first self-titled EP got released on Afmusic. A couple of months before the debut album What I Don't See release on Cold Insanity Music in September 2014, the duo decided to rename the band from Stupid Bitch Reject to Saigon Blue Rain. While the initials, which proved to be lucky ones, stayed the same, the music style changed - what was the reason for changing the band's name in the first place. The same kind of ethereal vocals now combined with highly emotive new/coldwave with some post-punk, darkwave, shoegaze and some gothic rock.


Awards 2012 - Preliminary Group 6 - Results!

Results from "write in vote" category Preliminary Group 6:

1. Mandragora Scream - Luciferland                                          64 votes    
2. Desdemona - Endorphins                                                         63 votes    
3. Heldentod - The Ghost Machine                                               34 votes    
4. Golden Apes - Riot                                                                     25 votes    
5. Tyler Milchmann - Strange Days                                             21 votes    
6. MelancholicA - Lamentation For A Deprived Desire           15 votes    
7. Molllust - Schuld                                                                         14 votes    
8. Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées...                                           12 votes    
9. Antimatter - Fear Of A Unique Identity                                    11 votes    
10. Merciful Nuns - Goetia IV                                                          7 votes    
11. Before The Dawn - Rise Of The Phoenix                                6 votes    
12. Funeral - Oratorium                                                                      5 votes    
13. When Nothing Remains - As All Torn Asunder                       3 votes    
14. Scream Silence - Scream Silence                                           2 votes    
15. Grooving In Green - Stranglehold                                             2 votes    
16. Woods Of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light      2 votes    
17. In Mourning - The Weight Of Oceans                                       2 votes   
18. Virus - Oblivion Clock                                                                1 vote    
19. Poema Arcanus - Transient Chronicles                                  1 vote

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Hanging Garden - Skeleton Lake