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NEAR EARTH ORBIT - Announces Release And Presents Video Trailer For Upcoming Album

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Near Earth Orbit, a post-apocalyptic collaboration project of Artaud Seth (Merciful Nuns, Garden Of Delight) and Ashley Dayour (Whispers In The Shadow, The Devil & The Universe), have released a video trailer for what should be their fifth album entitled A.I.. The album is set to be released on 15th March 2019 through Solar Lodge.
The year is 2031 and humanoid robots, powered by Artificial Intelligence, are part of everyday life. In as little as a decade, AI could matched and even surpass human intelligence. Corporations and government agencies are pouring billions into achieving AI’s Holy Grail human-level intelligence. Once AI has attained it, scientists argue, it will have survival drives much like our own. We may be forced to compete with a rival more cunning, more powerful, and more alien than we can imagine. Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last. Link

A.I. tracklist:
01. Deus Ex Machina
02. Future A.I.
03. Singularity
04. Neuromancer
05. I.R.I.S. Unveiled
06. Humanoid
07. The Vessel
08. The Ancestors