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DRUHÁ SMRT - New Album Out Now And Available For Streaming In Its Entirety

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Czech Republic based ritual dark ambient act Druhá Smrt has released via the UK based label Sombre Soniks a new album named Incarnatium. The album consists of four lenghty ritualistic/drone/ambient tracks and you can stream to it in its entirety in the player below.
Druhá Smrt comments: "The Incarnatium album begins where/when Occurentium (2015) ends, but not in a linear vein. It's a part of the same temporally topological loop and in this sense it's also an audio reification of our 'Weltanschauung', our manifesto of Druhá Smrt; an intentional Ritual creation transmitted from the magickal current. What can be seen as a mystical point of view of incarnation is in a fact also a phenomenological-existential perspective of in/carnality. The way we once walked is the way we'll henceforth go. The future casts the sombre light into the darkness of the past, which is, of course, a foreshadow of Now & Here. Eternal return is not a curse, but a free choice, a moment of ultimate decision, a supreme magickal act. What can be seen from one perspective as hell, from another may be the gate of paradise." Link