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K.F.R. - Announces Release Date Of New Album, Graphic Videos Released

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The French black metal entity known as K.F.R. returns with a brand-new album rightfully titled Nihilist and proudly released by Purity Through Fire on 30th June. For the first time in almost 10 years, this album was properly mixed and mastered in a real studio, the Opus Magnum Studio owned by Déhà in Belgium.

And you can hear the difference without altering the overwhelming feeling of darkness that's the signature sound of K.F.R. In fact, Nihilist is even darker than the previous releases...

It is also the most personal one, as mainman Maxime Taccardi dealt with his own demons in it. Some of the songs are autobiographical, like "I'm a Sick Painter" or Insect Boy," and while being black metal to its core, Nihilist manages to go beyond that by exploring different territories and reflects more on the psyche of the audience. K.F.R. has always been a long journey of experimentations, and Nihilist feels like the achievement of all those years of musical and philosophical research.

On the 30th of June, prepare for something out of the box in the well-known French black metal scene and dare to delve into the depths of the sick painter behind K.F.R. In the meantime, a whole grip of graphic videos from Nihilist have been revealed and we give you "I'm a Sick Painter" and "Insect Boy" in the players below. Link