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ALEAH - Posthumous Solo Album Out Now Digitally, New Lyric Video Released

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Yesterday marked the official release for the solo album by Aleah Starbridge in digital formats, with physical ones following later in July, being late in manufacturing due to COVID reasons.

Aleah Liane Stanbridge, better known as Aleah Starbridge, singer of the Swedish/Finnish band Trees Of Eternity. Aleah passed away in 2016 after a brave fight with cancer. She was just 39 years old when she left this mortal coil, but Aleah's eternal spirit lives on through her beautiful music, realised in her solo album brought to fruition by her life partner and Swallow The Sun/Trees Of Eternity guitarist, Juha Raivio.

This album is a double album with all newly mastered Aleah acoustic songs and new versions where she wanted her songs to be taken to, including unreleased music. Produced and mixed by Jaani Peuhu and Juha Raivio. Dronicon Films created the beautiful animated videos. 

From Juha Raivio: "Aleah, I made a promise to tell the world about your music and words my Love, and carry your fire as far as I just personally could. And it has been beautiful to see how many have found your healing voice and have been carrying your flame ever since you left us from this world on your journey, I'm so proud of you and your music that also changed my world."

We invite you to see the latest lyric video for the song "Breathe" and listen to all the songs of the Nightingale and help us carry her flame. Link