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LUNA13 - Releases Split Single With Suicide Queen, Stirs Controversy In The Media

Los Angeles (USA) based theatrical occult deathtronica duo Luna13 have released a new split single with the COP International label mates Suicide Queen. Luna13 and Suicide Queen are two of 2020s most provocative emerging artists and are now teaming up for a rare split single release.

Los-Angeles based dark lord duo Luna13 whips up a forceful black/bass/metal style that incorporates elements of electronica, black metal and industrial rock with the incredible ability to cross over from electronica to metal without using any guitars as heard on the gripping new single “Unded”.

Suicide Queen is the uncompromising trio from Oakland carrying on the industrial torch with sounds resonating from the likes of Ministry and Skinny Puppy. Featuring Kay Dolores on vocals, programming and guitars, Todd Buller on guitars and Ira Mortem on bass, they relish in turning pain into power with deafening noise.

As well Luna13 recently released a new video for the track "Upside Down", which stirs controversy in the media, especially among QAnon far right conspiracy theorists and Christians and Luna13 tells them: "Don’t point pedophilia at Witches and Satanists, you do these things!”

Luna13 wants QAnon and Christians to know that when it comes to pedophilia, Witches and Satanists have the moral right and strongly oppose child abuse of any kind. Dr Luna of Luna13 (Left Hand Path-Witches) says: “There has been a powerful surge of positive energy among those on darker paths and I am not going to watch all that hard work go to the wayside so a new group of highly delusional cults try to take our work away from us. Also these groups and cults do exactly what they accuse satanists and witches of doing. If us witches heard of someone in our coven molesting children they would be removed if not destroyed.”

QAnon is a "deep state" Christian cult that accuses Hollywood celebrities of joining Satanists as they abduct children and eat them to stay young and to stay in the limelight. They go as far to say that Laurel Canyon is the abode of the Illuminati and it is here that Satanists do these ghastly rituals. Luna13 states that not only do they live in Laurel Canyon, no one here eats babies! Here is Dr Luna’ s quote from Facebook while posting a picture of Luna13 with comedian Richard Lewis in Laurel Canyon.  “Luna13 lives in Laurel Canyon, the supposed hub of the Illuminati. We are surrounded by the celebrities that live here. Richard Lewis was my neighbor and we went to all the crazy parties here. P Diddy lives behind me, Marilyn Manson on the street next to me, Otep down the street, Katy Perry, Die Antwoord, Beyoncé and on and on. I have lived in my house for 10 years. NO ONE IS EATING BABIES! First hand info here... NO one is eating babies!!”

Now, listen to the split single of Luna13 and Suicide Queen in the player below, as well watch the controversial video for "Upside Down". Link