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ANTIQVA - A New Black Metal Supergroup Announces Release Of The First Single

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A new chamber black metal supergroup Antiqva, founded by Xenoyr (Ne Obliviscaris) and Lindsay Schoolcraft (ex-Cradle Of Filth) will release their debut single named "Funeral Crown" in December. This Musical Project is operated from Lindsay's Cyber Proxy Independent Records.

Lindsay Schoolcraft comments: "We are very happy to announce this debut single will finally be released to the world in December 2020. After a long year of coordinating logistics from over five different countries we have this first offering for those who have eagerly awaited all these years."

Antiqva consists of: Lindsay Schoolcraft (ex-Cradle Of Filth), Xenoyr (Ne Obliviscaris, Omega Infinity), Justine Ethier (Karkaos, Blackguard), Urzorn (Negator), Memnock (Susperia, Abyssic), Dalai Cellai (has worked with The Ocean Collective and Dirty Granny Tales), Andy Thomas (Black Crown Initiate). Stay tuned and wait for December. Cover artwork which you can see below was done by Xenoyr. Link