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EINVIGI - Presents First Single From Upcoming Debut Album

Finnish blackgaze band Einvigi released the first single from their upcoming debut album entitled Sielulintu, which is set to be released on 11th December by Inverse Records. The albums title track "Sielulintu" (engl. Soul bird) by Einvigi is a dive into a dreamworld themed with nature and Finnish mythology.

In July 2020 the band signed with Inverse Records to publish their debut album Sielulintu. The feel of the songs flow through traditional instrumental rock and all the way to the atmospheric black metal. Einvigi's music has been categorized also as blackgaze, a genre pioneered by the French band Alcest.

Band comments: ""Sielulintu" ("Soul bird") is the first single and the title song of Einvigi's forthcoming album. First notes of the song were actually put together already in 2009, so in a way the song also represents the bands long-span work to hone their sound. All in all, the song is a comprehensive representation of the albums soundscape swaying from light atmospheric moods all the way to darker metal nuances. The lyrics tell a tale of one of the symbols of Finnish folklore, the soul bird. The symbol has inspired numerous artists throughout time with one of the most renowned texts including the poem "Varpunen jouluaamuna" ("Sparrow on Christmas Morning") by Zachris Topelius from 1859. The soul bird theme was also tattooed on the arm of the bands founder Petteri Granberg in 2019, before the album recordings started."

Einvigi were founded in 2014 by singer and guitarist Petteri Granberg. Other members of the band include guitarist Krister Virtanen (Concrete Icon), drummer Henri Sund (Modern Day Citizen) and bassist Joonas Koppanen, who is also responsible for the growling vocals. Link