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ARMPIT PROPHETS - Presents The First And Only Single Ever To Be Released

Brazilian alternative rock/post-punk/electronic project Armpit Prophets has premiered online the self-titled single "The Armpit Prophets". Unfortunately, this is the only song that this project will ever make and you better hear it. Armpit Prophets is an unique project with an unique concept. A one-song band.

The creator of the project Lucas Marques, who is also the lead singer and guitarist of the band Kodge, describes this project and the song as it follows: "I was very influenced by the Pixies from the first time I heard them. Their beat, their beautifully weird melodies, different chord progressions, and their impact on me couldn´t have escaped without a great inspiration and the world it opened up to me musically speaking but also I found in their music, specifically in Black Francis lyrics something I was doing but I didn't understand what it was until I watched an interview where he speaks about him being influenced by surrealism and dadaism, and the abstract factor of his songwriting. Thus giving me the ground to what I was creating, and meaning to the meaninglessness I wanted to express. In a short statement, I could say I've learned what the ideas I was having were actually about, they were about the songs themselves. The lyrics were another instrument, another part in the engine, not a message, but another colour that would help create painting the song is trying to portray. It doesn´t have an objective target, for it is of service of the melody and the rhythm and all the other aspects of the song. Armpit Prophets came from a brainstorming night, where I was trying to find a name for my band Kodge, and this one struck me as the most bizarre thought I could ever have, and bizarre meaning the farthest from any conceptualization. How could I get deeper into the abstract world? This name served just well. Once this giving in into the abstract happened, the melody came as spontaneous as being, and every turning and unfolding of the idea felt like I was watching it come into being as if I was tuned to radio only I had the frequency of it. The lyrics then came along, and who are the Armpit Prophets? They are reckless, they are silly, they are above good and evil. They are a representation of spontaneity and effortlessness. The idea then of it becoming this fantasy band, that would be a one-hit-wonder, one-song band, seemed just as right, the cherry on the top of the cake. It was the last piece of this puzzle that made no sense but as it was finished, sense no longer mattered."

From what we hear we hope that Lucas will change his mind and will make more songs under the monicker Armpit Prophets. No matter what what he'll do next, listen now to "The Armpit Prophets" in the player below, and you can get it at this location. As well you should check out Lucas' band Kodge at this location. Link