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Random album

BLACKWEALD - Released A New Album With 11 Hours Of Playtime, Available For Streaming In Full

Have you ever heard of an album that is long for 11 hours? We guess not, but it can happen. The very productive Hungarian dark ambient act BlackWeald is back with a really huge thing. A new album of around 11 hours (666 minutes) of dark, ritualistic, ancient sounds, dark drones and ambience, with elements of field recording, spoken word, ritual beats, atmospheric guitars and piano interludes, has been just released. BlackWeald invites you on the journey in hell with 666 Minutes In Hell, accompanied with the 156 pages booklet with album themes of hell, death, the black arts and Hungarian gloom.

BlackWeald's musical output has always been focusing on long, continuous dark ambient albums, most notably the 2020's Leonov release, but 666 Minutes In Hell takes it to the extreme, clocking at 11+ hours. Although it's split up to 40 tracks, which are individual movements, it's mixed together as a single song, with many themes and melodies reprising. Most of its vibe follows the project's ancient, droning dark ambient style akin to the Under The Moon Of The Dead Pig release (February 2020), enhanced with piano interludes, spoken word segments, atmospheric guitars and ritual beats.

Some tracks are as long as an album would be, such as the distressing “An Ancient Draining Room”, or the majestic “Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni”, while a few tracks focus on delivering only low-frequency signals, like “Dragged Into The Maelstrom”. Atmospheric guitar segments like “Antiearth” or “Glimpse Of Arriens” works as breathers, piano segments pay homage to old Hungarian gloom. Tracks like “Oppression” and “The Clockwork Of Flesh Turns Backwards” show visions of hellish screams echoing in the pit. The Bandcamp download of the album comes with a 156 pages booklet, that helps the listeners immersing themselves in the aforementioned themes. The entire album is available for streaming in the player below, but we recommend you to get your copy from BlackWeald's Bandcamp. Link