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MOONSPELL - Unveils Third Single And Video From Upcoming Album

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With their forthcoming 13th studio album, Portuguese dark metal giants Moonspell are approaching their 30th anniversary as a band more ambitiously and stronger than ever. Hermitage will see the light of day on 26th February via Napalm Records and invites us on an entertaining and revolutionary, yet an epic journey through the darkest days of human existence. Today the band unleashed the third single and video for the song "All Or Nothing".

"Hermitage is an open-hearted invitation to simplicity. To be humble. To be thankful. To serve you solace. Provide you comfort, entertainment”, vocalist Fernando Ribeiro recently said. "We sincerely hope this call reaches you. That you kindly accept what we offer. That you take our music with you to the place you must feel as yours. To your secret place, to your hermitage.”

Both beautifully crafted songs, previously released singles such as “The Greater Good” show us the modernity of the wolves in 2021, while “Common Prayers“ embraces the Moonspell tradition of writing a dark, gothic metal track as no other band can. Now, the band is presenting us a third single ahead of the album release. “All Or Nothing“ brings back the ethereal and melodic sounds of Moonspell served by a beautiful musical landscape, and makes it most likely one of the deepest and most sincerely heart-breaking tunes the Portuguese dark metal titans have ever written.

"The video for "All Or Nothing" was recorded in an empty theatre in Portugal and it’s symbolic of our days”, Ribeiro tells us. "Solitude dominates our lives and we divide our attention and heartbeats at the groove of darkness and hope. At the mercy of all that can be and the nothing that we have to deal with right now. It’s a song that relies on a more intimate melodic frame, emotional, autobiographic almost, about the joy and the sorrow that is being in a band." He continues: "Life is a game you cannot win. You just have to play. Our job is done, we brought you joy. Every now and then."

Watch the incredible, epic new clip for “All Or Nothing“, directed by Guilherme Henriques and shot at the historical 1908- theatre, Chaby Pinheiro in Nazaré, in the player below. And if somehow you missed it, you can watch the previously released videos for “The Greater Good” and “Common Prayers“ over HERE and HERE. Link