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SAGENLAND - Debut Full-Length Out Now And Available For Streaming In Full

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Twente (Netherlands) based black metal project Sagenland released today their debut full-length Oale Groond via Heidens Hart Records. Driving forces behind the project are A. (Cultus, Heimdalls Wacht, Uuntar) and F. (Asgrauw, Meslamtaea), who share an obsession for traditional Scandinavian black metal such as the legendary Ulver trilogy, old Dodheimsgard, and Arckanum.

Back in 2005, the band released the three-track EP Bladval on a split LP. The label ceased activity shortly after, so only a handful of copies were distributed, making this a real collector's item. Fifteen years later, Sagenland awakened from dormancy and finally deliver their debut album, Oale Groond. The album follows the tradition of riff-based, well-written, actual songs while capturing nostalgia, romanticism, and aggression in a way that is rare nowadays. The entire album is now available for streaming and you can hear it in the player below. Link