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LUNAR MANTRA - New Mini Album Out In May, Available For Streaming In Full

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UK black metal stalwarts Lunar Mantra announces 7th May via Invictus Productions as the international release date for a brand-new mini-album titled Psychosomatika. The sound of Lunar Mantra here is far more robust than it was on their debut release, Genesis, in 2017, it's molten in its physicality and world-eating in its effect; truly, the quartet evinces a full-band aspect usually elusive to nowadays studio-only "bands".

The ambience is threaded through the three primary tracks of Psychosomatika ever so delicately, almost like a lurking dread at the periphery of understanding, while the resonance of their night sky mysticism takes hold and reverberates across the soul. Indeed, Lunar Mantra's spiralling melodicism is a haunting thing to behold here, but not once does it sacrifice that rough 'n' righteous physicality. The sum effect, then, is one of levitation between planes: earth and sky, fire and water, here and beyond.

With deadly precision tempting the very threshold of madness, Lunar Mantra hereby offers a 29-minute portal to the arcane and visionary: Psychosomatika. You can already stream Psychosomatika in its entirety by clicking on play in the player below. Link