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BYRDI - Third Full-Length Out Now And Available For Streaming In Its Entirety

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Norwegian Nordic folk act Byrdi has released their critically acclaimed third full-length Byrjing via Trollmusic, and now the entire album is available for streaming. With their third full-length, Byrdi are taking the important step from a highly respected underground act to an established force within the realm of Nordic folk.

Byrdi comment: "The title Byrjing can be translated as 'beginning' or 'starting point' to name two obvious possibilities", write the Norwegians. "The story of this release actually begins with a mythological ending. During the series of events that the people of the North called 'Ragnarok', the old world finally perishes in flames. Yet the pagan universe works in cycles, and our album continues on into the new cycle. Our conceptual vision is based on both a mythological as well as a personal level. It certainly reflects changes in our lives using the language of myth. When the old comes to a fiery end, out of the ashes something new is born. The images and themes that we have picked from mythology represent different stages of this transition and marked by loss and sacrifice. Suffering can work as a catalyst for change. The source of our anguish can be transformed through honesty into a wellspring of strength until the individual is free to let go and move on. Byrjing also conveys our thoughts on life as something that needs constant renewal. Wisdom is earned through experience, and as the example of Odin teaches often only gained through hard choices and sacrifice – veit du nok eller kva?" Link