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GREY AURA - Second Album Out In May, First Single Available For Streaming

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Hailing from Utrecht in The Netherlands, the experimental and expansive atmospheric post-black metallers Grey Aura will release the new album titled Zwart Vierkant on 7th May via Onism Productions. Grey Aura's second album, Zwart Vierkant, is breathtaking in its breadth and independence, dazzling in its ambition and utterly enthralling and all-consuming in its complexity of vision.

Each song on Zwart Vierkant is imbued with the sensuality of the tale, rife with its mysteries and laden with its ambiguities and suggestive power. It is an album like no other from a band that reaches further, look deeper and explore beyond the limits of imagination. Listen now to the first revealed track "Maria Segovia" in the player below. Recommended to fans of A Forest Of Stars, Ved Buens Ende, Laster and Shining. Link