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PAYSAGE D'HIVER - Presents Third Single From The Upcoming Album

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Swiss black metal underground act Paysage D'Hiver has unleashed the third single "Schtampfä" (Stomper) taken from their forthcoming album Geister (Ghosts), which is slated for release on 23rd April via Kunsthall Produktionen. Paysage D'Hiver comment: "The title "Schtampfä" translates to English as 'Stomper', which makes the common Germanic root of both words pretty obvious", tells mastermind Wintherr. "This song describes the powers that smash and tear down existing truths and constructs. The destruction of the old order is sometimes necessary to build something new and better."

Whatever season their listeners might be in, Paysage D'Hiver will always sink their black claws into the soul and drag it back screaming into a wintery world of darkness and harsh frost. With their sophomore regular full-length Geister (Ghosts), which also represents the 13th chapter within the band's conceptual story, the Swiss black metal underground stalwarts continue further down the icy path that the project's sole mastermind Wintherr had taken on his regular debut album Im Wald (In the Forest). Listen now to "Schtampfä" in the player below, and check out the related articles for more album pieces of information and previously released singles. Link