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GROWTH - Debut Full-Length Out In April

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French industrial black metal band Growth just announced that will release the first full-length album entitled Capitalist Supremacy on 30th April. Dive into the capitalist nightmare, where some almighty parasites have your life between their hands, and crush your body and soul into obedience. Submit or die! Growth blends black, death and industrial metal riffs with synths and robotic drums. In this unnatural experiment, extreme metal drifts into gothic and synthpop territories.

Growth was formed in 2007 as a short-lived lo-fi electronic metal project. Buried for years and unearthed in 2019. This time revived with the injection of real guitars and bass. With the new recipe for industrial black metal, the band released 2020 four two-track EPs. All those songs will be gathered in the debut full-length with more new material. Link