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BLIND AT THE WHEEL - Unveils New Single, Available For Streaming

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The mysterious Sydney (Australia) based dark ambient/death industrial act Blind At The Wheel has released a new single "Lost At Sea". The artist in question has been described as a man of mystery and a man of a thousand faces. Here today... gone tomorrow. Blind At The Wheel creates dark, hostile and mysterious soundscapes, and you should give a listen to "Lost At Sea" in the player below.

Blind At The Wheel comments about the track: ""Lost At Sea" was created after the worst period in my life. I lost everything. My money, my job, my car, my friends, the girl of my dreams, my happiness, my mind... then to make sure I was completely destroyed, my last joy was music and I ruptured my eardrums... and went totally deaf. At the time I believed this was permanent. When people say they "died a million deaths", I know what they mean. This state of being then led me to find some level of comfort and normality within the exploration of increasingly obscure and extreme dark music. It became my reason. The music I make is usually influenced by what I am listening to at the time. Back then it was Cryo Chamber, underground extreme metal, and obscure limited release tapes of all kinds of dark music. "Lost At Sea" is probably my best work that came out of these times. It meant very little to me at the time... something to do. An experiment at best." Link