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AWAKETH - To Release Demos Compilation On Vinyl

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The Spanish extreme metal underground has a lot to offer, and one of the bands that need some attention is the "trve cvlt" black metal band Awaketh. The band has now announced that on 28th May they will release via Signal Rex a special simply self-titled collection of demos on vinyl format.

Formed in 2019 by black/death metal activists of the Spanish underground, Awaketh is an entity formed against nowadays black metal's relativism and open-minded "scene". Inspired by the activism of the '90s Nordic tradition, the Teutonic black metal fury, and the corrupted Les Légions Noires, Awaketh open wounds again, going to the core, without artifice. Just black metal in its purest and dirtiest integrity, Luziferian activism through distorted sonority against black metal's democratization: NOT EVERYTHING GOES.

Compiling both of the band's demos to date plus two extra tracks, Awaketh indeed awakens atavistic energies; Awaketh simply harnesses them, for they were always there. All songs here were recorded through a primitive process somewhere in the Galician forests. Both demos were previously released on tape format by In Pulverem Mortis and Tour de Garde, respectively, during the cursed year of 2020. Adding the tracks "Nocturnal Lust" and "Burning Golgotha" recorded exclusively for this vinyl edition, Awaketh re-opens those wounds when life couldn't get any worse. Allow life to get worse with the track "Blood Magick". Link