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UNGFELL - Presents First Track From The Upcoming Album

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Swiss black metal vanguard Ungfell reveal the new track "Tyfels Antlitz". The track is the first revealed from the band's highly anticipated third album, Es grauet, set for international release on 30th April via Eisenwald. Ungfell have established themselves as an unstoppable force of intricate yet undeniably immersive riff fury in a scene that frequently replaces memorable songwriting with pseudo-intellectual gibberish. Affiliated with the formidable Helvetic Underground Committee, Ungfell has provided the unsuspecting masses with music that is undeniably engaging and yet challenging, delving into local lore and legends with a depth and a knack for wit that is rarely seen in contemporary extreme metal music.

On their third full-length album, Es grauet, Ungfell abducts listeners on a sonic journey detailing moral ambivalence and treachery. Set in a seemingly idyllic rural village in pre-modern times, all is not as it seems. Tragedy strikes the town in the form of a horrific, grisly murder. Unfounded accusations lead the town further astray, while these occurrences of debauchery exceed the comprehension of the local inhabitants. Alas, evil lurks where you may least expect it... The story unfolds, accompanied by ravaging riffs and gripping songwriting that appropriately underline the complex-yet-harrowing narrative. Es grauet shows Ungfell at their most ambitious and most audacious, featuring incredibly dynamic and warm production values, emphasizing atmosphere even more than previous releases and managing to complement the story being told. Listen now to "Tyfels Antlitz" in the player below. Link