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WINTER ETERNAL - Announced The Release Date For The Third Album

Winter Eternal's third album, Land Of Darkness, is settled to be released on 4 June (CD and vinyl LP formats) for the first time via Hells Headbangers. Winter Eternal is the sole work of one Soulreaper, formed as a means to express his darkest side, a place where winter reigns eternal. It all started in 2002 in Athens, Greece where, under the name Unveiled Nightsky, the seeds for the Winter Eternal were planted. Nine years later, in 2011, Winter Eternal was officially formed, and a year later, the first demo was released. Band's first self-titled full-length was released in 2013. In 2019, the second full-length, Realms Of The Bleeding Shadows, was released. Now Winter Eternal rampage through the Land Of Darkness on their third album. Thrillingly chilling yet breathtakingly emotional, Land Of Darkness absolutely bristles with an ancient-day mysticism and melodicism that bring black metal's majestic past into the present. So authentic is Winter Eternal's understanding of classic songcraft as well as sympathetic production, agonized and effervescent in equal measure, you'd be forgiven for thinking Land Of Darkness was some lost relic released in 1997. However, again like its full-length predecessor but more so here, Winter Eternal poignantly taps into that wellspring of creation the aforementioned legends did and feeds his own lifeforce into it, flexing fluid chops along the way and returns with a nine-song/40-minute document of dreams both dark and beautiful. Nodding to his forebears, Soulreaper reverentially concludes the album with a cover of Gates of Ishtar's "Dawn Of Flames", which awaits you in the player below. Link