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SABHANKRA - Presents Track From Upcoming Fifth Album

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Turkish black metallers Sabhankra premiered online the new track "Death To Traitors", taken from the band's highly anticipated fifth album, Death To Traitors, set for international release on 21 May via Saturnal Records. Encompassing six songs in a searingly compact 36 minutes, Death To Traitors is undeniably Sabhankra's most extreme work to date. But for all its aggression, the atmosphere also takes equal importance, establishing a mysticism that's otherworldly and uniquely Sabhankra. Not for nothing, then, is the album titled Death To Traitors: this is a swift'n'decisive strike upon unbelievers, and should once and for all establish Sabhankra on an international scale. If ripp(l)ing melodic black metal played with passion and precision is your vice, then Sabhankra have your fix with Death To Traitors! Link