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TANZWUT - To Release A New Single And Video In Collaboration With Saltatio Mortis

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Two German giants, Tanzwut and Saltatio Mortis make common cause. Full of lust for life and joy of making music those two medieval rock masters will release their first cooperation "Pack (feat. Saltatio Mortis)” on the 14th of May. With their new single Tanzwut ignite the next rocket of their insane album Die Tanzwut Kehrt Zurück, which will be released on the 28th of May via NoCut/SPV.

The born musicians Alea der Bescheidene from Saltatio Mortis and Teufel from Tanzwut celebrate their catchy single "Pack" together - a homage to life, friendship and togetherness. With this powerful and cheerful song, they celebrate the good and the hard times of their long friendship, that you will always get through together - no matter what happens. That's what friends are for and old love never dies.

With the music video for "Pack", one of Teufel’s childhood dreams has come true. The forefathers of medieval rock and their musical foster children morph into real heroes of the Wild West. Alea and Teufel duel to find out, who is the old bull of their guard - much to the amusement of their bandmates, who skillfully sabotage the scene. Bud Spencer and Terence Hill were yesterday. Now come Tanzwut and Saltatio Mortis! Link