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SUFFERING SOULS - Re-Releases Incarnated Perfection, New Lyric Video Out Now

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German black metal act Suffering Souls has already made a big reputation in the black metal scene with the latest studio album In Synergy Obscene and the special 25th-anniversary album True Godfucking Soulblight. In 2003 the band's second album Incarnated Perfection was released on CD. 18 years later, the path into the digital world finally follows and joins the albums Sadistic Goat Complex, In Synergy Obscene and True Godfucking Soulblight, which were already released by Schwarzdorn Production. At the same time, there is a new lyric video track for the song "Punishment From Hell", which describes the world of Lord Esgaroth and his band Suffering Souls very well. Check out the brand new lyric video in the player below. Link