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KING SATAN - New Single And Music Video Released

Finnish heretic industrial metal bunch of rebels King Satan presents its entertaining music video for the new single "This Is Where The Magick Happens". At the dawn of a new decade, while the world faced the global pandemic rendering all previous plans obsolete, Finnish King Satan started working on new material more determined than ever. The first result of this is presented to the world with a brand new single and music video titled "This Is Where The Magick Happens" and you can hear and watch it in the player below. Recommended to fans of Combichrist, Deathstars and Ministry.

King Seth Aleister Satan, vocalist and director of the new music video, comments: "The world peaked in the year 1999 and it has been downfall ever since, so I wanted to take this 90s exploitation much further than before in order to relive those summer hits! And of course, all filtered through our own style and the message of anti-conformity, spiritual anarchy and hunger for enlightenment. There might be or might not be a story of symbolic allegory in the video, making references to various influential thinkers from Socrates to Aleister Crowley and everything between, adjusted into modern times. But most likely I want to say these things only for the keywords for search engines cos people don't read these statements anyway to the end. PS.: Nietzsche." Link