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WINTER ETERNAL - Entire Upcoming Album Available For Streaming

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Greek second-wave black metal classicists Winter Eternal stream the entirety of their highly anticipated third album, Land Of Darkness, set for international release on the 4th of June via Hells Headbangers. Stronger than ever, Winter Eternal rampage through the Land Of Darkness on their third album, and first for Hells Headbangers. Thrillingly chilling yet breathtakingly emotional, Land Of Darkness absolutely bristles with an ancient-days mysticism and melodicism that bring black metal's majestic past into the present. So authentic is Winter Eternal's understanding of classic songcraft as well as sympatico production, agonized and effervescent in equal measure, you'd be forgiven for thinking Land Of Darkness was some lost relic released in 1997. Winter Eternal have at last arrived, and beckon you to venture across their Land Of Darkness! Link