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WOODEN VEINS - Released A Debut Album And A Music Video

Chilean avant-garde metal act Wooden Veins released its debut album, titled In Finitude, on 4 June through powerhouse label The Vinyl Division, and unleashed a mesmerizing video clip for the track "Empty Arcs".

Inspired by "Poética de Arturo H. Lobos", a book written by Wooden Veins' vocalist Javier Cerda, In Finitude talks about life and death, illusions and the existential reflections of being. A profoundly honest and personal debut, taking the listener on an absorbing trip into unimaginable spheres.

"Empty Arcs is about the fleetingness of existence. From how small we are on this blue ball that moves in an incalculable space and how being able to experience it, is something that has an equally incalculable value", the band states. Furthermore, they add: "During the pre-production process, the initial draft of this song was conceived as a fresh idea by Eduardo, who developed the main motif and made it present in a 16-beat sequence throughout the entire song, all of this initially with programmed drums, putting in front the electronic elements that have already been anticipated more discreetly in the other songs. With these electronic rhythms and sounds guiding the way, we moved forward; Ideas of texts and vocals presented by Javier, that on the other hand Juan took and developed while adding the guitars and bass lines. And so, little by little, we put everything together, with Alberto who gave the track the final touch by adding his drums, applying contrast, weight and warmth to that first proposal that was completely programmed." Link