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DARK ENTRIES - Promoting Terra Relicta

Terra Relicta team is grateful to Dark Entries music magazine for a lovely article promoting Terra Relicta dark music web magazine and radio among the Dutch-speaking population. In the more or less competitive world - we all live in and create (!) - the Dark Entries music magazine's gesture proves there is enough room for all, and when a "greater good", what music undoubtedly is, is in question, the cooperation wins or at least should win over the competition. Thank you, Dark Entries music magazine. And thank you, Xavier Kruth, for writing the article.
Dark Entries is an independent Belgian, Dutch-language and completely ad-free music webzine dedicated to the dark underground. Its editorial staff, which solely consists of volunteers, regularly publishes news items, reviews, interviews, concert reports and other articles about the gothic subculture and its wide array of music genres, including but not limited to new wave, gothic rock, postpunk, electro, EBM, synthpop, industrial, dark ambient and neofolk. One of the Dark Entries' editorial staff are also musicians Gerry Croon and Xavier Kruth who - with their music project Winterstille - released a debut album Puin Van Dromen (Rubble Of Dreams) in November 2020 and were also special guests in the [Dark] Unknown radio show on Terra Relicta radio. Read the article about Winterstille HERE, and, if you speak/understand the Dutch language, follow the Dark Entries music magazine, and if not, perhaps learn Dutch. Best regards from the Terra Relicta team!

Dark Entries music magazine's links: Official website, Facebook.

Make your day with Winterstille's "Und Sie Tanzten"