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MADDER MORTEM - Howl Of The Underdogs Documentary

Madder Mortem has spent the past years making a documentary. An important film, both about the band and the issue regarding mental health problems. Madder Mortem documentary "Howl Of The Underdogs" will be released digitally, worldwide on 26 June. The worldwide release of "Howl Of The Underdogs" will be celebrated with a whole day of events, in collaboration with Odal Rock Club's Microrock festival in Austvatn, Norway, on Saturday, 26 June 2021.

"Howl Of The Underdogs" is the story of the Norwegian metal band Madder Mortem and their singer who, struggling with a life-long eating disorder in an image-obsessed industry, undergoes weight loss surgery to battle the demons that have given birth to their music. After filming with the band during their 20th anniversary year as they recorded new music, toured Europe, and reunited all of their former members in Oslo for a once-in-a-lifetime show, the film explores how the band boils down their internal demons, Scandinavian cultural norms, and an image-obsessed industry into inspirational music that reaches fans around the world.

After a screening of the film, Metalheads Against Bullying, in collaboration with Madder Mortem and Odal Rock Club, are hosting a live panel discussion under the header "The Bully Within". Inspired by "Howl Of The Underdogs", this panel discussion will address topics like shame, body image, and gender roles in metal. Among the participants are Leif Munkelien, the man behind Metalheads Against Bullying, singer Agnete from Madder Mortem, Norwegian singer/songwriter Marius Nesset, and Green Carnation singer Kjetil Nordhus. To add perspectives from outside the music business, the panel is joined by Mona Larsen, a spokesperson from the Norwegian Eating Disorder Association, and Norwegian body positivism activist Carina Larsen. The panel will be accessible online as a free-of-charge streaming event, and the online audience will be able to add their comments and questions through a live chat moderator interacting with the panel. For more info and links to the panel, follow:
In addition to the panel discussion, Metalheads Against Bullying, Nord-Odal photographer Ann-Helén Moen Nannestad and Madder Mortem have collaborated on an art photography project, also under the header "The Bully Within". The resulting photographic prints will be exhibited and for sale at the festival, and all proceeds from the print sales will go directly to Metalheads Against Bullying and their work.
Finally, Madder Mortem will be performing an hour-long live set at the festival later that night. The concert will also be streamed free of charge and will feature the premiere of a previously unreleased song from the Madders' upcoming 8th studio album, which is currently being recorded at Studio Omnivore.
In order that fans around the world can participate in the event, "Howl Of The Underdogs" will be available for purchase or rent on Vimeo on the same day.

a Stewis Media / Madder Mortem production
Directed by Randy M. Salo
Runtime - 76 min.
Language - English and Norwegian w/ English Subtitles

Watch the "Howl Of The Underdogs" promo clip below. Link