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GUAN YIN - Releases A Debut Album

Ritual ambient project Guan Yin is about to release its debut full-length Evocations on 6 August via Trepanation Recordings. As well as a digital download, this release will be available on a limited edition cassette (limited to 20 copies) and is already available for streaming in the player below.

Guan Yin is the Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva, or the Mahāyāna Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion, whose name roughly translates as "the one who hears the cries of the world". In her quest to relieve suffering, Guan Yin has the ability to assume whatever form necessary, including displaying attributes from either sex.

Guan Yin is a ritual ambient project from the same duo responsible for the gothic blackgaze of Exsanguinated Shade: multi-instrumentalist Cicatrix (they/them, also of Nodus Tollens and Chernozem) and vocalist Espi Kvlt (they/he, also of Nehushtan, Seas Of Winter, Apricitas, and too many others to list). Unlike most ritual ambient, Guan Yin's music finds its inspiration in Buddhist teachings. On their debut split with Sun Through Eyelids (released earlier this year by Acephale Winter Productions), Espi drew lyrics from the section on Repentance from the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch. For their debut full-length Evocations, they turned to The Lotus Sutras – one of the most significant and revered of all the Buddhist texts. Link